Center for Social Media

Silverdocs Session: Future of Public Media

Pat Aufderheide, from the Center for Social Media at American University, put together a panel at Silverdocs to try to forecast the future of public media threw futurists, investors, business people and public media programmers. VIA: CinemaTech (The clips play in sequential order – when you reach the end of clip one, clip two will Read MoreRead More

Code of Best Practices for Sustainable Filmmaking

The center for social media has put together a thorough checklist for calculating the carbon footprint of your production from office management to travel and filming carbon impact …Filmmakers historically have played an important role in raising critical issues for society, including environmental threats from climate change and over-exploitation of resources. Increasingly, filmmakers have adopted Read MoreRead More

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

From: Center for Social Media Download full report (PDF) INTRODUCTION WHAT THIS IS This document is a code of best practices that helps creators, online providers, copyright holders, and others interested in the making of online video interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use. Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission Read MoreRead More