The Hard Truth Why No One Will Hire You

The photography industry has been changing with the advent of new and more powerful consumer cameras. Motion picture hasn’t been far behind. Though this interview focuses on the still side – the divide between still and motion is eclipsing. Let’s face it; the industry is changing. Art directors and potential clients are not looking to Read MoreRead More

Writing For The Green Light: Scott Kirkpatrick Interview

Anna Kemp interviews Scott Kirkpatrick on how to build a screenwriting career with a manageable game plan. Anna Kemp: What is the biggest misconception for new writers straight out of film school? Scott Kirkpatrick: For me, the biggest misconception film schools unintentionally plant into the minds of newbie writers and filmmakers is that their early works must shake Read MoreRead More

The Clear Career Path Laid out by David Lynch’s pre-Eraserhead shorts

Mike D’Angelo examines David Lynch’s pre-Eraserhead work for clues on how the auteur’s mind works. No masterpiece arrives completely out of nowhere. People like to point to Orson Welles as an example of someone who set the world on fire with his first film, but Welles had made his reputation as a creative genius, both Read MoreRead More

Behind Closed Doors with Alfonso Cuarón

BAFTA and Oscar winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón sat down with us in early January for a chat about his upbringing in Mexico, his turbulent film school years, his early filmmaking experiences and his flourishing, remarkable career. He revealed to us the secret motivation for his work ethic: he occasionally needs money.Read More

Sundance Cinematographers on The Best and Worst Advice They Received

There’s plenty of advice out there for aspiring filmmakers and cinematographers, some great, some garbage. With that in mind, Indiewire asked the cinematographers of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival what was the best and worst advice they ever received. Best Advice: “Don’t feel pressure to run to the frontline and film. Follow your gut instincts Read MoreRead More

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Build a Successful Career in the Film Industry

Robert Hardy presents a few tips for how to build a career making movies. Build A Strong Reputation In the world of freelance filmmaking, where a good portion of your gigs will come from referrals, your reputation is your most valuable asset. How many times have you been on a film set, only to find Read MoreRead More

10 Myths about Making it in the Entertainment Industry

Executive at a studio-based film production company, Jenny Yerrick Martin lists off 10 often heard myths given to those trying to get a career in the Entertainment industry. #1 YOU SHOULD FIGURE OUT THE WHOLE PATH TO YOUR GOAL BEFORE STARTING. It seems like a smart idea. Plotting out every step to your destination is a Read MoreRead More

The Reasons Why It’s Bad Business To Be a Cinematographer

Ryan E. Walters reflects on how Cinematography and the problems inherit with the profession. As someone who is committed to lifelong learning and continual self-reflection, this last year has brought with it an evaluation of where I’m at and where I am headed. I’ve come to the conclusion, after a lot of soul searching, that Read MoreRead More

Balls of Steel: The Zig-Zag Screenwriting Career Path

Jennifer Bowerman writes on the many twists and turns of a career in writing. I’ve been pondering life and career choices lately. Perhaps it’s because my own daughter just graduated high school and is college bound. I had a conversation with another recent grad, interested in writing, asking my advice. I’m not sure he was Read MoreRead More

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