Canon XH-A1

Ultimate Guide to Professional Video Cameras

How to pick a Professional Camera by “Gospel” John Hess The term “professional camera” is very subjective term. As technology continually improves, the line in quality between consumer cameras and professional cameras gets increasingly thin. But as any serious filmmaker/videographer will tell you, the jump to a professional level camera comes with huge improvement in Read MoreRead More

To CCD or to CMOS, That is the Question

By Kyle Doris I was recently browsing the internet and I came across a wonderful article by Barry Green, illustrating some differences between CMOS and CCD sensors. The article laid out the differences so well I thought it would be a great topic to relay to our trusted IQ readers. For more extensive information, please Read MoreRead More

Getting Back to Basics

Video cameras seem to be getting more and more complex, which can be a blessing and a curse. Even the basic “record-your-son’s-football-game” camera seems to have features today that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Sony now has a camera that can detect whether or not someone is smiling. Sounds more like science fiction Read MoreRead More