Canon 5D

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout Part 3

Zacuto concludes it’s epic shootout with Part 3 of their “Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout” this time showing off ungraded and empirically graded footage from this year’s line up of cameras.Read More

Philip Bloom tackles the “Which is the Best Camera” question

In this two part talk, Filmmaker and DSLR celebrity Philip Bloom discusses which camera is the best to use in certain situations and illustrates his thoughts with experiences shooting on the RED Epic X and a $500 Sony Alpha NEX-5N and everything in between.Read More

Creative Uses for Sliders: Seeing Tires from a Whole New Angle

One of the most welcome advantages of the HDSLR revolution is being able to put the light-weight camera almost anywhere you want. Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut, mounts a Canon 5d to an upside down slider to get some remarkable angles in this ad for Perilli Tires:
Read More

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