Camera Movement

How the KIRA Robotic Framed the Microsoft Surface Studio

If you’ve been following the lateest word on tech you may have seen the buzz around the new Microsoft Surface Studio: Now just how did they produce that sleek spot? Well as with any piece of high end advertising, it’s a mix of CG renderings and real live practical shooting. To accomplish the elegant precision Read MoreRead More

Motivated Camera Movement of Breaking Bad

Editor Vashi Nedomansky analysis a shot from the final episode of Breaking Bad which includes a pivotal reveal. In the final episode of BREAKING BAD…there are two shots in a pivotal scene that are perfect examples of how to use camera movement to amplify the narrative and surprise the audience. With one simple pan and Read MoreRead More

A Cinematographer’s Plea to the Budding Film Auteur : Move Your Camera

Cybel Martin implores you to use move the camera – one of the most important elements of developing a personal visual style as a director. I went to a recent screening of “Letter From an Unknown Woman” at MOMA with a friend and fellow Max Ophulsdevotee. As always, I was delighted and swept away by Ophuls’ complex love stories and Read MoreRead More

Using a Crane: Educating your Audience on Geography & the Art of Discovery

Shane Hurlbt covers the wide variety of cranes on the market as well as the aesthetic considerations when employing a crane shot. “Geography, Geography, Geography” I go to so many movies and I find that I have no idea where characters are in a scene. The coverage is so tight that you lose the sense Read MoreRead More