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This Man Helps Nat Geo Photographers Get the Shot

Cheetah-proof flashbulbs, custom wide-angle lenses, and cameras that take two photos at once: It’s all in a day’s work for Kenji Yamaguchi, a master photographic engineer at National Geographic. For 32 years, his custom contraptions have helped photographers capture iconic images on assignments all over the world.Read More

Douglas Trumbull on Temporal Continuity and High Frame Rate

An interview with cinema pioneer Douglas Trumbull about the importance of the temporal continuity between the camera and the projector: to have one camera flash correspond to one projector flash. Trumbull also discusses two 60 fps formats: the Showscan 70mm film system, and his current 60fps 4K 3D Magi system.Read More

If you want to stand out in the filmmaking crowd, focus on the evolution of your CRAFT – not the TOOLS.

In a world where access is universal and affordable – the only thing distinguishing one from another is knowledge and talent. Vincent Laforet lays his thoughts on the continuing progress of technology. I, like many others, was pulled into the DSLR movement by a magical force called ACCESS. The DSLRs were affordable, lightweight, and produced Read MoreRead More

A Guide for Filming in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Filming in any extreme environment is a challenge. So don’t set out until you’ve thought through every eventuality. The health and safety of the crew is paramount but you also need to make sure you have the right kit if you want to come home with the right footage. Dress appropriately [Part 1] It goes Read MoreRead More

Wild’s Cinematographer Yves Bélanger on Framing the Face of America

Yves Bélanger on what it took to lens Wild for director Jean-Marc Vallée which included quite a bit of walking backwards Director Jean-Marc Vallée gathered a lot of his favorite collaborators for the upcoming Wild, which comes out this Friday, Dec 5. This includes his fantasticmakeup department head, Robin Mathews, as well as his cinematographer Yves Bélanger. “I’ve known him twenty years,” Read MoreRead More

Focus Versus Exposure: f-Stops, T-Stops, and Lenses for Video

Ben Lucas explains the difference between f-stops and t-stops and what they mean for exposure. So you’re getting into making DSLR video and shopping for a new lens. You done some research and narrowed down the choices. There’s one lens that is f/1.4 and another that is T/1.5, but which one is better? It’s hard to Read MoreRead More

First impressions of DJI Inspire 1

Skynamic set us some remarkable footage from their pre-production unit and the shots are simply stunning. Check out this clip which is viewable in 4K Skynamic received one of the first pre-production units three weeks ago for testing and filming content for the product launch. The Inspire 1 features a build in 3 Axis Gimbal which Read MoreRead More

Angle of View: How to Choose the Right Focal Length to Frame Your Image

Marcus Hawkins attempts to demystify the relationship between angle of view and sensor size. What is angle of view? Angle of view is the maximum view a camera is capable of ‘seeing’ through a lens, expressed in degrees. The choice of focal length is obviously key here, with longer lenses having a narrower angle of Read MoreRead More

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