The Changing Face of the Music Video and What We Can All Learn From It

Dave Geffen surveys the history and current state of music video production and what barriers and opportunities exist in this changing artform. The music we use in our work, whether for videos or slide shows for stills images, is an integral part of the narrative and story we are trying tell. The genre, artist and Read MoreRead More

Will Netflix Become the Next Big Hollywood Studio?

With the success of ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘House of Cards,’ is the service poised to make feature-length films? No doubt you’ve heard plenty about the return of Arrested Development for a fourth season, this time on Netflix, which paid to resurrect the old Fox sitcom for 15 streaming-only episodes. It follows on the heels of Netflix’s successful Read MoreRead More

The New “Soft” Money

Forget the fairy tale of Kickstarter enabling Zach Braff the freedom to have director’s cut. The real success story is not how that money can be put into use in production but what it means in the eyes of producers and money men. They may not have realized this but more than forty-six thousand individuals Read MoreRead More

How Much To Charge – Why Rate Calculators Come Up Short

One way freelance professionals can determine a rate to charge is to look at all the costs of business (rent, insurance, gas, etc.) and determine how much they need to make to stay afloat. But as Donald Giannatti, this equation is only half of what’s needed to figure out the rate. CODB (Cost of Doing Business) calculations Read MoreRead More

THR’s Hollywood Agents Roundtable

Nowhere is gender disparity among Hollywood’s corporate ranks more painfully acute than inside the top talent agencies, where the percentage of women agents can dip as low as 15 and nary a female CEO can be found. Sure, women have made huge strides as network and studio chiefs (Exhibit A: the dozens of such execs Read MoreRead More

A Checklist to Help Determine Your Rate

Calculating your rate is really one of the toughest things for the freelance filmmaker. Ryan E. Walters provides a thorough article to help you figure out what figures into your day rate. One of the most challenging aspects with any creative endeavor is trying to figure out how to price and charge for your services. Read MoreRead More

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