Are You Ready to Create in 3D? Not Tomorrow. Today.

Today’s content creator must be well versed in 3D — it’s a key factor in theatrical releases and now it’s headed to screens of every size and dimension. 3D isn’t a mystery, but rather art and science fully impacting the workflow and story — from the emotional to the pragmatic.Read More

Budgeting for Music

By Jon M. Garon Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, PC Anatomy of a Budget A budget consists of the summary page, known as the top sheet, and a series of department-by-department itemizations for that budget. Even if a film’s expenses top $200 million, every roll of tape must be budgeted, receipted, and credited to its particular Read MoreRead More

Overtime – and why your low film budget should have it.

by 8thSamurai Before you look at me as though I’m mad, and say ‘I can’t afford to pay overtime!’, realize that I may not be talking to you. This is not for you Weekend Warriors who call upon the talents and resources of your close friends in exchange for coating them with homemade blood and Read MoreRead More

588 Free Film Contracts and Forms

Looking to make a film but need a little help with the paperwork? We’ve painstakingly searched the internets and collected 588 free forms and contracts to help get you started. Now before we start, everyone repeat after me: “THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER LEGAL ADVICE” You probably won’t need all of these Read MoreRead More

Creating A Budget For Your Independent Film

By Ben Lyons Independent And Art Filmmaking: Creating A Budget For Your Independent Film How do I determine a budget for my independent film? Independent films can cost one dollar to fifty million dollars. The reason why it’s an independent film is because that’s where the money is coming from. But Is it coming from Read MoreRead More

Why everyone lies about their movie’s budget

Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times delivers the shock of all shocks, people in Hollywood lie. …The studio chief who made the movie gives you a low-ball number. The head of a rival studio, eager to make a competitor look bad, gives you a wildly inflated number. Most journalists have reported that Baz Luhrmann’s Read MoreRead More

3 Sample Film Budgets

Ben Long and Sonja Schenk at have put together 3 sample film budgets PDF’s and break each one down in these informative articles: DV feature film budget ($25,000 – $100,000) Broadcast documentary budget ($15,000-$80,000) Commercial budget ($2000 – $50,000) …Creating a budget can be a powerful way to visualize your project and may be Read MoreRead More

An Overview of the Film Budget

By Jon M. Garon Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, PC This is part of a series of book excerpts from Independent Filmmaking, The Law & Business Guide for Financing, Shooting & Distributing Independent & Digital Films designed as an introduction to the many legal issues involved in the filmmaking process. Introduction Although sometimes the most creative Read MoreRead More