Introducing the RØDE Boompole Pro and Micro Boompole Pro

At IBC in Amsterdam, RØDE is announcing a bunch of new accessories – including two new boom poles. First is the Boompole Pro made from carbon fiber and sporting a 3m (10′) reach and weighing only 535g (1.2 lbs) But for those smaller jobs – especially if you’re sporting the VideoMicro, RØDE is offering a Micro Boom Read MoreRead More

Starting a Career in Audio

By Sam Mallery Anyone with a passion for audio and undying tenacity can initiate an audio career, and determination will govern who achieves what in the professional realm. In this article we will outline a few different careers in audio. We will present an overview of the duties of each job, what equipment you should Read MoreRead More

Guide to Alternative Microphones for use on a Boompole

By Sam Mallery When one pictures a field production crew at work, it’s common to imagine a sound person in the group, hoisting a boompole over his head. One might assume that the microphone attached to the end of the boompole is a shotgun or boom microphone, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, Read MoreRead More

Boompole Buying Guide

By Sam Mallery A boompole is a curious tool. It’s a microphone stand that cannot stand. In essence, a boompole is crude and simplistic, yet the engineering and thought put into their design is great. Once you’ve decided to purchase a boompole, you may be a bit taken aback when you first explore the available Read MoreRead More