Audio advice from a frustrated boom op

I hope this post comes out informative, but there is a high risk that it will turn into a rant. I’ve been very frustrated lately that I’ve been working with multiple directors, DPs, and producers lately all of which have been in the industry for over 15 years…and yet still know absolutely nothing about the world of sound.Read More

Starting a Career in Audio

By Sam Mallery Anyone with a passion for audio and undying tenacity can initiate an audio career, and determination will govern who achieves what in the professional realm. In this article we will outline a few different careers in audio. We will present an overview of the duties of each job, what equipment you should Read MoreRead More

Guide to Alternative Microphones for use on a Boompole

By Sam Mallery When one pictures a field production crew at work, it’s common to imagine a sound person in the group, hoisting a boompole over his head. One might assume that the microphone attached to the end of the boompole is a shotgun or boom microphone, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, Read MoreRead More

Boompole Buying Guide

By Sam Mallery A boompole is a curious tool. It’s a microphone stand that cannot stand. In essence, a boompole is crude and simplistic, yet the engineering and thought put into their design is great. Once you’ve decided to purchase a boompole, you may be a bit taken aback when you first explore the available Read MoreRead More