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K-Tek’s Shockmount draws inspiration from the Logathmic Spiral

Carl Mrozek reviews the shockmount that puts a twist on the traditional design. Nautilus’ form is inspired by the logarithmic spiral, a design found in nature in objects like hurricanes, spiral galaxies and the chambered nautilus, a conch-like shellfish that’s widely admired for its graceful symmetry. The Nautilus spiral was chosen over a host of Read MoreRead More

Tips for Getting the Best Sound – Weapons of Mass Production

Sound and audio are essential for the quality of your YouTube video, In this episode they show how to pick-up sound on location, as well as how to adjust sound for specific settings. In this episode we experiment with different sound recording techniques and tools to understand how we can get Hollywood-level sound, maybe without Read MoreRead More

Preview of the Q Sniper Shotgun Microphone for DSLRs

Olivia Speranza previews the Q Sniper Shotgun Microphone – a small portable shotgun aimed at DSLR shooters. Small editorial to follow video… The Que Audio Sniper Pro Shotgun Booming Kit gives you the necessary components for on-camera recording and location sound booming with a DSLR camera. This complete kit starts with all the pieces from the Que Audio Read MoreRead More

Starting a Career in Audio

By Sam Mallery Anyone with a passion for audio and undying tenacity can initiate an audio career, and determination will govern who achieves what in the professional realm. In this article we will outline a few different careers in audio. We will present an overview of the duties of each job, what equipment you should Read MoreRead More

Guide to Alternative Microphones for use on a Boompole

By Sam Mallery When one pictures a field production crew at work, it’s common to imagine a sound person in the group, hoisting a boompole over his head. One might assume that the microphone attached to the end of the boompole is a shotgun or boom microphone, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, Read MoreRead More