What happened to the Two Shot?

David Boardwell laments the extinction of the two shot from western cinema but provides many examples of it popping up in Asian film. Of course two-shots are still with us, but they usually serve to set up passages of shot/ reverse-shot cutting. The sustained two-shot carrying long stretches of dialogue is increasingly rare in Hollywood Read MoreRead More

How to Light for Specific Camera Blocking: Master to Close-Up

Shane Hurlbut ASC offers some tips from his career for how to approach lighting a scene for camera blocking going from master shots to close ups. “Don’t Be Afraid of Hard Light” I believe we all have gotten a little overindulgent in the use of soft light because we think, “I want it to feel Read MoreRead More

Diagram, Shotlist, and ‘Pocket-Block’ Your Scene with the Shot Designer App

Need a way to block your shot and figure out camera placement – take a look at Shot Designer Thanks to Hollywood Camera Work’s new app Shot Designer, you can now design and block camera coverage of your scene almost as fast as you can think it — even on your mobile device. An intuitive interface allows precise Read MoreRead More