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Metabones Works Some More Magic With Its New Speedboosters for Blackmagic

Roger Cicala, founder of LensRentals, looks at the Metabones Speedbooster options for Blackmagic Pocket Camera and Cinema Camera MFT mount. Metabones, maker of the impressive Speedbooster adapters is back at it again. When the Speedbooster first came out, I wrote about it being like magic, increasing the aperture and field-of-view of Nikon and Canon full-frame lenses mounted to Read MoreRead More

How to Turn Your Blackmagic Cinema Camera into an ENG Beast

Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media breaks the confines of what many perceived as an impossible task: shooting the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in an ENG configuration for documentary film production. The thing that I commonly found interesting is that all the things people said the Cinema Camera “couldn’t do”, were from the same people that never Read MoreRead More

Introduction to Color in Digital Filmmaking

Color is a natural everyday experience – but how do you use color to advance your film? We’ll start by looking at how filmmakers in the late 90s began exploring creative uses of color. Then we’ll take a quick overview of how your digital camera captures color and some basic color theory. We’ll finish by Read MoreRead More

Anatomy of a Blackmagic Cinema Camera Field Kit

Brian Hallett opens up his camera bag for a glimpse of what he uses on the go when shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. When I shoot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera… I am on the move. In the car. Out of the car. One minute I am walking up the Korean War Veteran’s Bridge over Read MoreRead More

Shane Hurlbut’s Blackmagic Cinema Camera Tests

More than just some fan boy’s shaky footage of whatever knick-knacks happen to be on the cupboard at the moment… Shane Hurlbut gives us a preview of his workflow when testing out a camera for a serious production – looking at the way it handles noise, skin tones, and how contrast ratios will influence the Read MoreRead More

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera in a News Environment

Brian Hallett talks about how he uses the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in a tight-deadline news environment. I am the Creative Services Sr. Writer/Producer for the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee.  Every spot we produced for over a year was shot on my personal Canon 60D.  Now, the poor camera looks like it’s been to combat Read MoreRead More

Comparing the Canon 5D MkIII Magic Lantern Hack to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Here is a side by side comparison of the two cameras shooting in Raw Mode: This is how we hacked the 5D: Today we already published a test video of the impressive Canon 5D mark III RAW module enabled by the Magic Lantern hack and a guide to get it working yourself. Here’s a side Read MoreRead More

Turning the Blackmagic Cinema Camera into a Movie Making Machine

Shane Hurlbut discusses how he approached turning a Blackmagic Cinema Camera in to an operational movie camera. You all know that I have been conducting many camera tests during prep on Need for Speed. I have been testing all of the different digital emulsions to see where they will fit into my toolbox. Black Magic Read MoreRead More

How To Prepare Yourself For RAW with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is starting to get the kinks ironed out and rolling out in mass. But are you ready to shoot with this new format? Ryan E. Walters goes through some of the gotchas with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera workflow. Preparation Prior To Being On Set: Before you even take a step on Read MoreRead More

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