AA Batteries: Learning to Buy and Use Them Wisely

Though most cameras use proprietary battery systems there are a lot of accessories including flash modules, LED lighting, and sound recorders that use AA batteries. If you’re using them often, tossing alkaline batteries feels like a waste. But how do you pick out which kind of rechargable battery is right for you? The last time that Read MoreRead More

Ultimate Guide to Professional Video Cameras

How to pick a Professional Camera by “Gospel” John Hess The term “professional camera” is very subjective term. As technology continually improves, the line in quality between consumer cameras and professional cameras gets increasingly thin. But as any serious filmmaker/videographer will tell you, the jump to a professional level camera comes with huge improvement in Read MoreRead More

Shooting with Power

Breakdown of Video Camera Batteries including length of use and power consumption By Jack Fettman A lot goes into the preparations of any video production. Prior to the day of production, a professional videographer should foresee what he or she will require to be prepared on set, including camcorder(s) and all other accessories. While filmmakers Read MoreRead More