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Could this be the Future of Focus Pulling?

Using a Time-of-Flight camera (similar to the ones used on XBOX Kinect), Guillaume Couche created a new system of electronic focus pulling called “Show Focus” which creates a 3D environment in which a focal plan can be moved by a controller on a remote monitoring device. Here is a working prototype in action on using an Read MoreRead More

10 Great Pieces of Advice from a 1st AC

A union 1st Assistant Camera (AC) – user robots11 – who has worked on some big budget features, various commercials, TV dailies, and a plethora of other credits tackles Reddit’s AMA forum to give out some advice. Evan Luzi from TheBlackandBlue picks out the best 10 pieces of Advice: FreeCreativeName: How did you enter the business? Did you Read MoreRead More

Why Camera Assistants don’t need a Showreel

Evan Luzi explains why having a showreel won’t do much for your career as an Camera Assistant. And I’m sure there’s more. The trend in all these positions? They have an obvious creative hand in the finished work. The director molds their showreel to show off the subtlety of an actor’s performance or their command of the story. The Read MoreRead More

5 Ways the Camera Department Can Help Avoid “Fix It In Post” Headaches

Evan Luzi covers 5 ways that the camera assistant can make the editorial process as simple as possible. Have you looked around on a film set lately? You might notice that production and post-production are beginning to merge. Walter Murch, the “Yoda of editing,” often talks about how he doesn’t think editors belong on set. He thinks Read MoreRead More

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 3): Twelve Examples of a Completed Slate

Evan Luzi compares the slating techniques from 12 Films. You want to be a slate superstar? A champion of the clapperboard? A maestro of the marker? If you want to be a slating pro, reading about it is only going to take you so far. What will help you learn the most is doing it — putting marker Read MoreRead More

Deciphering the Film Slate (Part 2): Pickups, Plates, MOS, and More

Evan Luzi continues the discussion on Film Slates with all those other little details that go onto a slate. The film slate hasn’t existed for so many years — adapting to the ever-changing filmmaking landscape — without developing nuances and best practices for a few non-conventional situations. For instance, how do you slate if a Read MoreRead More

What to Write on a Clapperboard

Evan Luzi breaks down the sections of a slate and discusses what goes where when your called to prepare the slate for a take. Slating: it’s a staple of filmmaking, it’s an art, and it requires a certain amount of subtlety. It’s also one of the most recognizable duties a 2nd Assistant Camera (AC) is expected to fulfill. There’s a Read MoreRead More

What Can You Do to Save Time, Be Faster and Improve Your Efficiency as a Camera Assistant?

Time on a set is always at a premium – Evan Luzi shares some tips to be more responsive on the set. Do you take too much time to do certain things on set? I do. I’m a short guy so sometimes it takes me awhile to lug heavy camera rigs to new setups. By the time Read MoreRead More

The Art of Pulling Focus

FreshDV sits down with Bob Sanchez, a Chicago based career 1st AC with over 30 years of industry experience, for a three part video interview where Bob shows the ins-and-outs of pulling focus and also what it takes to be a first Assistant Camera. Click here for part 1 of the video interview Click here Read MoreRead More