Aspect Ratios

Ultimate Guide to Professional Video Cameras

How to pick a Professional Camera by “Gospel” John Hess The term “professional camera” is very subjective term. As technology continually improves, the line in quality between consumer cameras and professional cameras gets increasingly thin. But as any serious filmmaker/videographer will tell you, the jump to a professional level camera comes with huge improvement in Read MoreRead More

Aspect Ratios to Frame Rates

By Ron Seifried and Craig Rosenzweig Every image tells a story. The subjects, colors, and composition of an image contain a wealth of information. Even if we removed these attributes, a digital image still retains vital information necessary for any video editor. The following article covers the primary terminology required to understand the wide range Read MoreRead More

Pixel aspect ratio basics explained

720×480, 640×480, 1920×1080… what is the significance behind these and other aspect ratios? This Artbeats PDF document presents a straightforward introduction to the significance of video aspect ratios, and how video differs when presented on computer screens and televisions, and captured on camcorders. Unfortunately, knowing a lot of these tedious factoids becomes invaluable when working Read MoreRead More