25 Cool Ways Filmmakers can Use an iPad

Not only is the iPad is revolutionizing the filmmaking world in terms of new innovative tools, but also in the way it’s leveling the playing field by performing similar functions as expensive equipment that was once out of reach for many indie filmmakers.Read More

22 Filmmaking Apps for the iPad & iPhone

For this feature we have rounded up some of the best and most useful Filmmaking Apps that our Deal Leader Steve Jobs has approved for the App Store. As more filmmakers explore the possibilities with these powerful mobile devices, we are sure this list will continue to grow.Read More

iPad DSLR Slate app + Canon 7D

The first slate designed specifically for the DSLR filmmaker, DSLR Slate provides unique inputs like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Lens, White Balance, and many more. The biggest standout feature is the “quick burst” mode which flashes not only the most common but ALL your data to the camera within about 2 seconds just before the A/V sync. This app was designed for the iPad but retains 100% functionality on the iPhone and iPod Touch.Read More