What is Aperture: Everything You need to Know about Controlling Light Creatively

Film and photography are all about capturing light. One of the key aspects of controlling light is aperture – but there’s more to aperture than just a number on the side of the lens… So what is aperture exactly? Put simply, the aperture is a hole in the lens that light passes through to reach Read MoreRead More

The Basics of Depth of Field

In this basic tutorial, B&H’s Kelly Mena lays out a few simple steps on how to manipulate depth of field. A sharp subject against a pleasingly soft background is one hallmark of professional photography. This video explores the three variables that comprise control over your camera’s depth of field: Aperture, focal length, and distance from Read MoreRead More

A Visual Guide to Exposure

This reference from the Exposure guide demonstrates the trade offs of the three elements of exposure. When these three elements are combined, they represent a given exposure value (EV) for a given setting. Any change in any one of the three elements will have a measurable and specific impact on how the remaining two elements Read MoreRead More