Andy Kaufman

Top 7 Craziest Letterman Guests

With all of Hollywood wondering if Joaquin Phoenix is just channeling Andy Kaufman in some sort of weird hoax or if he really has gone off the deep end, we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the crazier Letterman appearances. #7 Drew Barrymore #6 Madonna (Part 1) Madonna (Part Read MoreRead More

Top 10 Dead Stand-Up Comedians

Their laughs will live on forever. 1. George Carlin 2. Richard Pryor 3. Andy Kaufman 4. Rodney Dangerfield & 5. Sam Kinnison 6. Gilda Radner 7. Lenny Bruce 8. Buddy Hackett 9. Redd Foxx 10. Mitch HedburgRead More