Alfred Hitchcock

Who Directed the PSYCHO Shower Scene?

Vashi Nedomanski examines the shower scene from Psycho, comparing it to the storyboards by Saul Bass. Both Bass and Hitchcock claim to have directed this scene – compare the final shots and storyboard and decide for yourself. The collaboration between Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock started with the the famous title sequences for Vertigo and Read MoreRead More

Alfred Hitchcock’s unseen Holocaust documentary to be screened

It’s a little known fact that the great director made a film about the Nazi death camps – but, horrified by the footage he saw, the documentary was never shown. Now it is to be released. The British Army Film Unit cameramen who shot the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945 used to joke Read MoreRead More

How Alfred Hitchcock hid 10 Edits in Rope

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” was shot and edited to look like one continuous. It turns out there are 10 cuts which Vashi Nedomansky combines together in a sort of supercut. I always knew that some of the cuts were hidden by camera wipes…but never realized there were 5 hard cuts hiding in plain view! It’s also interesting to Read MoreRead More

Raymond Chandler tells Alfred Hitchcock “Strangers on a Train” is a flabby mass of clichés

Alfred Hitchcock hired Oscar-nominated screenwriter Raymond Chandler to adapt Patricia Highsmith’s novel Strangers on a Train in 1950. From the start Hitchcock and Chandler didn’t get along and fought over the direction of the script. Chandler seemed to have gone out of his way to behave disagreeably to Hitchcock. When Hitch arrived at Chandler’s home Read MoreRead More

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