Ask the Analyst – Common Scriptwriting Questions from Themes to How to Get a Script Read by Studios

Expert screenplay readers and analysts from ScriptShark answer questions that Facebook fans and Twitter followers posted. Read on to find helpful answers to questions regarding how to become a professional screenwriter and many other aspects of screenwriting and the movie business… Q: What exactly makes a strong theme? Should public opinion affect one’s themes when Read MoreRead More

THR’s Hollywood Agents Roundtable

Nowhere is gender disparity among Hollywood’s corporate ranks more painfully acute than inside the top talent agencies, where the percentage of women agents can dip as low as 15 and nary a female CEO can be found. Sure, women have made huge strides as network and studio chiefs (Exhibit A: the dozens of such execs Read MoreRead More

Pix Appeal: Industry pros reveal what makes a headshot ‘pop.’

Your headshot is often the first impression you make. Backstage’s Spotlight on Headshots asked an agent, a manager, and three casting directors to comment on two photos from their files …It’s All in the Smile. New York casting director Laura Verbeke was looking for an edgy young man for the HBO series The Flight of Read MoreRead More