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Selective Glow FX Tutorial in After Effects – Video CoPilot

Have you ever needed to add a glow to a specific color? Like an explosion, or signal light without affecting the rest of the image. In this short tutorial Andrew Kramer of VideoCopilot shows technique that will allow you add a glow to a specific color only and avoid the color mixing that occurs when using Read MoreRead More

Creating the “Michael Bay Sky” in Adobe After Effects

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe breaks down how to create the cool lens filter effect that Michael Bay uses in almost all of his movies. Although in most cases this effect is created "in-camera", there are reasons you would want to do the effect in post. Once you see how to create this effect, Read MoreRead More

Multi-layer Keying in After Effects

In this series Andrew Devis demonstrates in depth how to pull a key from greenscreen footage. He starts by showing how and explaining why you might need a garbage matte for most keying work and what considerations are important for such a matte. Andrew then goes on to show how to pull a basic key Read MoreRead More

Droste Effect filter for After Effects and Photoshop

Tom Beddard of subblue explains how to create your own Droste effect with a filter for After Effects and Photoshop CS4. The “Droste effect” derives from a Dutch chocolate maker that used an image of its box on the box recursively at smaller and smaller scales. See the project page for download and usage instructionsRead More

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