Comedy Actress Roundtable: Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling on Fake-Peeing, Showering With Co-Stars and Rude Fans

Six hot contenders — also including Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Edie Falco and Emmy Rossum — talk candidly to THR about the “torture” of watching their performances, the horror of “pasties” and their industry crushes (Sam Rockwell!). So, what is comedy these days? A half-hour, single-cam cable show about a drug-addicted nurse? A one-hour women’s-prison dramedy streaming Read MoreRead More

Charlie Day’s Merrimac College Commencement Speech

Actor Charlie Day regales his college days and offers some advice about betting on oneself and how “a plan B can muddy up your plan A” He explained how he and some friends began shooting a homemade version of what would eventually become “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” At the same time, he was offered Read MoreRead More

Kevin Spacey on why taking risks gets him out of bed in the morning

Tasha Robinson interviews Kevin Spacey about his latest documentary about the production of Richard III and working with director Sam Mendes both for the screen and theater. The Dissolve: Why the decision to make a documentary about your production of Richard III, rather than filming the production itself? Kevin Spacey: Part of it was, I was Read MoreRead More

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