Why Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win the Oscar

James Murphy explains the “Pitt-Hanks” coolness continuum and Leo DiCaprio’s star status hurts his odds of getting a golden statue. The toughest Oscar race this year was for best actor. Right until the awards began, the race was almost certainly down to Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave and Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club. (McConaughey was the Read MoreRead More

Jonah Hill puts the teeth in The Wolf of Wall Street DP/30

Jonah Hill blew up in a hurry, with 3 Judd Apatow productions hitting screens in 2007. But then Cyrus changed things for him. And then he got an Oscar nomination for Moneyball. And this year, he got his second nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street. He just turned 30 and for a very funny Read MoreRead More

Louis C.K.’s Motivating Anxiety

Louis C.K. recently released his first film “Tomorrow Night” – his first feature length film shot in 1998. Andrew Marantz profiles the popular comedian and how this film fits insides C.K’s biography. More than most comedians, Louis C.K. resists the impulse to please. He has acquired a lot of new fans in the past few years, Read MoreRead More

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