The Casting List You Never Want to Be On

Avoid getting on the Casting Director’s bad side with this list of tips from Paul Haber. …If you’re lucky and you’ve been around a while, you’ll invariably know a few casting directors who’ve become fans and call you in for auditions all the time. But what happens when the love ends? It can occur for Read MoreRead More

Pix Appeal: Industry pros reveal what makes a headshot ‘pop.’

Your headshot is often the first impression you make. Backstage’s Spotlight on Headshots asked an agent, a manager, and three casting directors to comment on two photos from their files …It’s All in the Smile. New York casting director Laura Verbeke was looking for an edgy young man for the HBO series The Flight of Read MoreRead More

How To Memorize Speeches

Having a hard time memorizing that soliloquy or monologue? Speech Time lays out a few concepts whether you need to memorize it in a month, a day, or a minute. …Most people work against their memory, rather than with it. Brute force repetition will make things stick eventually, but that technique forces its way through Read MoreRead More

How do actors memorize their lines? A neurological perspective

Are their brains bigger than ours? In a public discussion held at New York’s Columbia University this month, the RSC’s Michael Boyd and Dr Oliver Sacks compared notes. …This process started with actors on their own going through their lines. They didn’t remember them. We then moved on to working together in a room, sitting Read MoreRead More

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