‘Improvising’ in Scripted Comedy

Arnie Burton takes a look at adding improvisation to scripted scenes. …When people think of improvisation, they usually think of groups like Second City or the Groundlings. Those performers are trained to create on their feet without a script, writing their own play from moment to moment. But what about legit theater, where you’re working Read MoreRead More

Fear of Singing

Think you can’t sing? Well that may be just your problem – you think you can’t. Jennifer Hamady explores the psychological aspect of singing and how the only thing you have to fear maybe fear itself. …When working with new clients [actors], I always begin by trying to ascertain what it is about their voices Read MoreRead More

What to wear and what not to wear when meeting with an agent

Choices, choices, CHOICES!! Jessyca Dewey gets some fashion advice on what to wear to your first meeting with an agent. …Sitting across the desk from an agent who may be interested in signing you, you’re selling that person on your face, your personality, and your talent. So you want to infuse your outfit with a Read MoreRead More

Actor’s Cover’s Letters

Stacey Jackson explores Cover Letters as a way to target managers and agents. …What do you have in your bag of marketing tricks? And how have these “tricks” served your pursuit? Unlike some insanely competitive actors I know, I like sharing my tricks, and I like learning new tricks. After graduating from college, I realized Read MoreRead More

The Power Behind the Mike

Simi Horwitz describes what it takes to get into the highly competitive world of Voice Over Acting. …Voiceovers are a highly competitive field, and the increasing number of celebrities doing voice work adds another obstacle for the newcomer. But according to the agents interviewed, there’s still plenty of opportunity for actors working for scale, especially Read MoreRead More

Narrating vs. Announcing

Randy Thomas, one of the most recognizable voice over artists working today (with credits such as the Academy Awards, Miss America Pageant, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider), breaks down the differences between announcing and narration when doing voice work. …”Narration is the voiceover that wants to underscore a presentation. If it’s a documentary, it’s simply Read MoreRead More

The New Yawk Accent

Need a satisfying New Yorker accent? Check out this neat flash site from AMNY featuring the voices of New York natives from Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Also on the site are links to the story of the New York accent along with a description of the different neighborhoods. …Click on the screen Read MoreRead More

The Casting List You Never Want to Be On

Avoid getting on the Casting Director’s bad side with this list of tips from Paul Haber. …If you’re lucky and you’ve been around a while, you’ll invariably know a few casting directors who’ve become fans and call you in for auditions all the time. But what happens when the love ends? It can occur for Read MoreRead More

Pix Appeal: Industry pros reveal what makes a headshot ‘pop.’

Your headshot is often the first impression you make. Backstage’s Spotlight on Headshots asked an agent, a manager, and three casting directors to comment on two photos from their files …It’s All in the Smile. New York casting director Laura Verbeke was looking for an edgy young man for the HBO series The Flight of Read MoreRead More

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