Clint Eastwood: the Actor that Redefined Westerns and Action Films

Scott Smith biographies Clint Eastwood, the actor that carried the torch from Western stars like John Wayne and brought a new sense of masculinity to western and action films. The Old Western was taking a beating in the 1960s. American New Wave directors like Sam Peckinpahand Arthur Penn attempted to revisit the genre and demystify the Read MoreRead More

Orson Welles’ Last Interview

Orson Welles was a dear friend of Merv Griffin but was a notoriously guarded interviewee. He told Merv he wasn’t interested in taking “trips down memory lane.” On October 10, 1985 he told Merv he was “feeling expansive” and to go ahead and ask him all those “gossipy” questions he’d always wanted to ask him Read MoreRead More

A look at the Life and Times of Bette Davis

Fandor’s Scott Smith biographies Bette Davis – Her career made her a true role model for women in the film industry, and her incomparable screen performances left the sharpest images of forthrightness ever presented on screen. Unsuspecting director George Cukor had no idea what tenacity he instilled in a young actress in 1928. As head Read MoreRead More

Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Delicate Formula for Becoming America’s Best Friend

Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence are two actresses in the pop culture good graces – how can they stay there? Here’s the interview that sparked the article by Heather Havrilesky. Kunis has been in the business for nearly twenty years, slowly building up her cool-chick credentials by working with such anti-pretension types as Seth MacFarlane (Family Read MoreRead More

Make 80 Cents an Hour as an Extra in China

Being an extra in the most populous country in the world takes some serious dedication. American photographer Darcy Holdorf says aspiring actors in China’s booming film industry spend a majority of their time waiting for work. Based in Shanghai, she recently visited nearby Zhejiang province to look at the lives of extras at Hengdian World Studios, one Read MoreRead More

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