Academy Awards

How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen?

It’s a complicated affair – Sean Hutchinson explores how the Academy picks its nominees. The voting process that determines which films and actors become Oscar nominees is a long and complicated undertaking that involves more than 6000 voting members and hundreds of eligible films, actors, actresses, directors, cinematographers, editors, composers, and more. To even be Read MoreRead More

Selfies, Pizza and Promoting Brands at the Oscars

Stuart Elliot reports on the branding opportunity that has become of the Academy Awards. IN recent years, it appeared that the Academy Awards was becoming increasingly desirable as a marketing platform, perhaps even approaching the biggest day of the year for advertising, the Super Bowl. After the Oscars broadcast on ABC on Sunday night, that Read MoreRead More

Oscar Voters: 94% White, 77% Male, 86% Over 50

Who comprises the 5765 voters in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has long been shrouded in mystery, their identities kept a closely guarded secret. A study by the Los Angeles Times, found that 94% were white, 77% men and their average age was 62, with only 14 per cent under 50. Black and Hispanic voters accounted for only two per cent each.Read More