Creating the 3D in Gravity

Take a look behind the parallax of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity which had it’s 3D work done at Prime Focus World. Prime Focus World ended up converting 27 minutes in Gravity: 85 shots including one shot that was comprised of 15,531 frames and lasted over 10 minutes 47 seconds.  PFW’s View-D Conversion & Production work was primarily Read MoreRead More

Even James Cameron Thinks There Are Too Many 3D Movies

The 3D boom is starting settle down. In other news,  Evelyn Margaret Ay was crowned Miss America 1954. In a recent talk with fellow sci-fi/fantasy director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), the director criticized Hollywood for releasing too many movies in 3D. He made a distinction between movies shot in 3D, like Avatar, and those converted to 3D in Read MoreRead More

Ultra-realistic CGI Skin Simulates Every Pore

A profile of Ghosh and Paul Debevec who are taking the technique of skin lighting simulation and amping up the detail – could this be the path out of the uncanny valley? SEEING isn’t always believing. At its best, computer-generated imagery (CGI) in games and films throws us into imaginary worlds where digital clones of actors can Read MoreRead More

Researchers Discover How to Capture 3D “Ghost” Images Without a Camera

Using only a few pixel sensors, university researchers are discovering a new way of imaging things in 3D. A team of researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Physics and Astronomy just published a paper in Science that details how they managed to use an altered style of “ghost imaging” photography to create accurate three-dimensional images. While a Read MoreRead More

On the 3D Depth of Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”

This episode of ‘Close Up’ explores the 3D conversion of Tim Burton’s black and white, stop motion comedy horror ‘Frankenweenie‘. Matt Bristowe and Richard Baker talk about the philosophy of stereoscopy, how to use 3D depth to provoke emotion, and how to keep it beautiful at the same time.Read More

The 5 Camera 3D Panorama Rig

“DIVE into World Heritage 3D,”exhibited by Panasonic at Digital Content EXPO 2012, is a system for creating panoramic images by shooting with five 3D cameras, then showing the images using five high-definition plasma display panels. ” In collaboration with UNESCO, we photographed seven world heritage sites around the world. The purpose of these images is Read MoreRead More

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