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You Talkin' to Me?

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Digital Incarnate

Hi John,

Any chance you can create a “History of practical SFX/make-up” lesson?

Manolis Kritsotakis

Hello John I was glad you started uploading videos again. In terms of technical issues maybe you could spend some time explaining about grading and post production as well as VFX you could at home since more and more people choose to do such tasks even creating the DCP file using their home PC. When it comes to cinema history I would like to hear your view about comedy. How it evolved from why people can’t laugh at Bob Hope or Mill Berle anymore and what is today considered as a good joke. Keep up the good work.

John P. Hess

Those are some big topics to cover there. We’ll be looking at exposure soon which is very much grading. Here’s a course on color grading to start:

Introduction to Color In Digital Filmmaking

Laughter is a big big topic. That’s one I’ve always been interested in.

Anubrata Khan

Could you please make a video about IMAX cameras and projection system? There’s really a lack of quality material on this topic out there.
Would really be great to hear Mr.John Hess talk about this topic in-depth.
Hope you consider this. Thanks!


How much time we have to edit a comment for example in the balcony. Does it get fixed, uneditable, after some time?

I am used to complement an answer after some time. (I never delete a post) n_n and I like to fix a typo or style from time to time. So an extended time to do this would be nice.

Digenis-Georg Porfyris

I’ts Just CULT “COOL”