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You Talkin' to Me?

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Fatman Chris

Hi, Any chance of going through some film editing programs, or going through one in particular – how to use them?
So far enjoying the content. Its been great. Thanks

Kieran Martin

Hey! Joined the site after hearing it explained about on the stream. Looks great, for sure going to be doing some of the dailies when I get chance.
Anyway, suggestion – is there any chance this site can be put in an app for Android and iOS? Would just be cool to have this as an app for easy access even though its probably a big job!

John P. Hess

We looked into an app but it would really be a big job.

Riddhima Gupta

don’t know if this is just me but i can’t figure out how this website works….don’t know where to begin with .

John P. Hess

You can begin anywhere – Courses are a good place to start. Dailies are smaller fun quizzes, or ask a question in the Questions section.

Digital Incarnate

Hi John,

Any chance you can create a “History of practical SFX/make-up” lesson?

Manolis Kritsotakis

Hello John I was glad you started uploading videos again. In terms of technical issues maybe you could spend some time explaining about grading and post production as well as VFX you could at home since more and more people choose to do such tasks even creating the DCP file using their home PC. When it comes to cinema history I would like to hear your view about comedy. How it evolved from why people can’t laugh at Bob Hope or Mill Berle anymore and what is today considered as a good joke. Keep up the good work.

John P. Hess

Those are some big topics to cover there. We’ll be looking at exposure soon which is very much grading. Here’s a course on color grading to start:

Introduction to Color In Digital Filmmaking

Laughter is a big big topic. That’s one I’ve always been interested in.