How To Create Responsible Social Criticism – Idea Channel

The recent matter of Sam Pepper’s “social experiment” videos has inspired a lot of discussion and debate. Here at Idea Channel, we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk in this video not specifically about Sam Pepper, but about media in general, and it’s ability to comment on serious social issues. If Sam Pepper’s video successfully critiqued assault, then why all the uproar? If media can be potentially hurtful, then how can we best comment on social issues?


Why Does Mario’s Jump Feel So Awesome? | Game/Show

Mario jumps. This may seem insanely obvious, but it’s more significant than you may know. For such a ubiquitous game mechanic, it’s not such an obvious movement to include. Humans, for instance, are TERRIBLE at jumping. But Mario is, like, CRAZY good at it. So what is it about Mario’s jump that inspired hundreds of games to follow?


An Interview with J.K. Simmons – DP/30

You know him, you love him, you can’t remember his name. But that is all changing for J.K. Simmons this year, as he is a leading contender for Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash, the new film from first-timer Damien Chazelle. Meet the man you know so well… but probably don’t know at all. From the theater to singing telegrams to Whiplash.


If you haven’t seen it, here’s his teaser from Whiplash:

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