Visiting the ‘Archer’ Offices: How the Sausage is Made

Come along for a tour of the “Archer” production offices, courtesy of series creator Adam Reed.


FX’s “Archer” — one of the most anarchic and foul-mouthed animated cable series ever made — gets made in a mall. Pop music blasts from speakers set into the ground outside; a multiplex is a stone’s throw away.

You enter the world of “Archer” through an unmarked door; the first floor entrance also serves as a photo studio for the show’s many random needs for reference images; there are racks of costumes and shelves of props on hand for use. (The overwhelming balance of props needed were various types of guns or various conveyance devices for alcohol.) 

But it’s the second floor where everything else happens — where the entirety of the show, save voice acting, comes together to create the spy parody that’s been delighting fans for six seasons now.

I got the opportunity to visit “Archer’s” home thanks to a confluence of festivals: I’d interviewed creator Adam Reed at the Vancouver International Film Festival last fall, and in early February was in Atlanta, Georgia for a separate event. It wasn’t a long walk from my hotel to the mall, I had a few hours free and Atlanta in the winter is pretty tolerable (even if you’re from LA). So I arrived just in time for pizza and a screening of the most recently-completed episode. 

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