The Case of the Bad Production Designer

At the start of the Art Directors Guild awards, this short film by Cindy Peters titled The Case of the Bad Production Designer debuted:

Each year the ADG celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of Production Designers and Art Directors in film and television at this prestigious event. Awards are given for Excellence in Production Design in several categories as well as for Lifetime Achievement and for Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery. ADG members and industry leaders from around the world gather on this one special evening to pay tribute to the top creative professionals in filmmaking.

After Effects Tutorial: Expressions and Illusions

This is a 5 part tutorial for Adobe After Effects Expressions. The Expressions used are basic but very powerful, such as the expression which allows you to scale by pixel size rather than by percentage. He does take some time to review the basics as he goes through the tutorial, hence it’s length but there is a part that you can skip over, if you want.

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New Directions for Independent Cinema: Ian Calderon

Ian Calderon, director of digital initiatives for the Sundance Institute, talks with CinemaTech editor Scott Kirsner about trends in independent film: delivering content to mobile phones and Internet-connected TVs, producing in 3-D, piracy, and the challenge of breaking through the noise — whether you’re submitting a film to Sundance or uploading it to Vimeo or YouTube. Shot in 2009 in New York. Part of The Conversation series of videos… for more see

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Precious Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher

After graduating from Harvard University and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Geoffrey Fletcher spent nearly a decade writing thousands of unproduced script pages while working at temp jobs. In 2010, Fletcher’s first produced screenplay, Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire, was nominated for Writers Guild and Academy Awards. Fletcher spoke to Angle On about his long journey and the many years he spent developing his craft. To read more about Geoffrey Fletcher, go to and (

Simple Special FX

We show you how to pull off three simple special effects using just the camera and the subject’s reaction to sell the illusion. Learn how to make realistic looking rain for your video shoots, speed up the background of your videos and how to shoot during the day and make it look like the night.

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