War of the Cameras: Red Scarlet X vs. Canon C300

In the weeks leading up to Canon’s major announcement on Thursday November 3, 2011, the web was a-buzz with rumors about what would be the camera manufacturer’s next step. Some thought it would be the next generation of the 5d, others thought it might have nothing to do with cameras.

And then, with much pomp and circumstance including an appearance by Martin Scorcese, Canon unveiled the EOS C300 Digital Cinema:

Priced at $20,000, the EOS C300 shoots 1080p footage and is aimed squarely at the Sony F3 market.

Canon Inc. and Canon U.S.A., Inc. today raised the curtain on an all-new interchangeable-lens digital cinema camera that combines exceptional imaging performance with outstanding mobility and expandability to meet the demanding production needs of today’s motion picture industry. The camera, which features a newly developed Super 35 mm-equivalent approximately 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor, will be available in two models: the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera*, equipped with an EF lens mount for compatibility with Canon’s current diverse lineup of interchangeable EF lenses for EOS single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras and new EF Cinema Lens lineup; and the EOS C300 PL Digital Cinema Camera*, with a PL lens mount for use with industry-standard PL lenses.

The introduction of the EOS C300/C300 PL coincides with the launch of the Cinema EOS System, marking Canon’s full-fledged entry into the digital high-resolution production industry. The new professional digital cinematography system spans the lens, digital cinema camera and digital SLR camera product categories.

— | Read The Full Press Release

Vincent LaForet, who was at the ground breaking of the 5d HDSLR, shares his thoughts on shooting with the Canon C300 for his short film “Mobius”

The Full Film

Engaget’s Hands On Look at the C300

But within an hour of the announcement, Jim Jannard and the Red Folks broke some news of their own: The long awaited Red Scarlet (which was talked about before HDSLR became an actual term) will be released before the end of the year.

Red-Heads flooded the RED site and shut it down temporarily. The site and specs are back up and it the long awaited Scarlet will boast 5k stills capability and 4k for frame rates up to 24 fps.

Check out the full specs on the RED site.

At just under $10,000 and half the cost of the C300 (body alone), the Scarlet is starting flame wars all over the web.

But the battle isn’t over yet as Canon fired back with yet another announcement. The next generation of HDSLR may be able to record 4K.

HOLLYWOOD, California, November 3, 2011/TOKYO, November 4, 2011 – Canon Inc. today announced that the company is developing a new-concept EOS-series digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Incorporating an enhanced version of the video-capture capability offered in the current EOS-series lineup, the new camera will be ideally suited for cinematographic and other digital high-resolution production applications. The model will be equipped with a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and, enabling the recording of 4K video* (at a frame rate of 24P, with Motion-JPEG compression), will make possible the type of exceptional image quality and sublime imaging expression to be expected from the next generation of “EOS Movies.”

— | Read The Full Press Release

Where will the next battlefield be in the Camera wars? Sony? Panasonic?

Editing: The Rule of Six

“The Rule of Six,” lays out a set of criteria that Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now, The English Patient) believes should be at the top of an editors list when working.

His list is as follows (in descending order by importance):

1) Emotion
2) Story
3) Rhythm
4) Eye-trace
5) Two-dimensional plane of Screen
6) Three-dimensional space of action

Sucks Less with Kevin Smith

Sucks Less with Kevin Smith is a show done in 2008 in partnership with MTVu. The show features UCLA students who are enrolled in a class about cinematography in which Kevin Smith is the teacher.

Each episode is about seven and a half minutes in length and the basic premise of each show is to inform college students of things that can help their weekends suck less or as Smith says, “the show for people who have way better things to do with their weekend than get laid.”

Episode 1: Come On

The Haunted Barn, All Girl Roller derby action, and MC Chris nerdcore rapper. The premiere episode of the UCLA Mobisode Production class.

Episode 2: Slappers

Turtle Racing, Naked Hot Springs and a Digital Design Showdown. The UCLA mobisoders have weekend plans for you and Kevin.

Episode 3: Drop-Out

Get on your samba shoes for free ice cream and xtreme ironing. The UCLA mobisoders have your weekend plans.

Episode 4: Kevin’s Breakdown

Squirrel Fishing, Film Fest Volunteers, Street Wars and the devastation of a really bad haircut. Plus a bonus clip – never before seen Jeyun scene.

Episode 5: Mail Bag

Late night bicycle party, tattoos, training your cat to poop in the toilet. The UCLA Mobisoders have no shortage of fun on hand.

Season Finale

The UCLA Mobisoders last class brings you a new way to break up with your girlfriend, Bull Fighting 101, plus bonus footage.

Bloopers & Outtakes

The mobisoders are on a Thanksgiving break, but here are some new Behind the Scenes and Bloopers so you can still get your Sucks Less fix.

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