Meet VIKTOR, the Automated Robot Editor

It has been said that the road to Total Robot Domination and the Enslavement of all Mankind is pathed with Free Apps.

VIKTOR is an app for iPhones and Andriod devices that takes the videos from your media library and automatically creates a 1 or 2 minuted edited video using one of the currently 14 available themes. Videos are free and share for now but it will cost you up to $1.99 to export and share your 2 minute Robot Creation in the future.

Here’s a couple samples of the results VIKTOR provides:

Here’s one I shot in bed (don’t worry, it’s not too sexy… I do sneeze and tested out the a “pastel green” effect)

But seriously, this concept seems like a great idea. People have tons of media lying around from their vacations/parties that they simply don’t have time to meticulously prepare for Facebook Distribution. We can’t wait to see this feature implemented in the next upgrade of Final Cut Pro X! :/

All hail our Robot Overlords!! (VIKTOR, if you’re reading this, remember how we said nice things about you when you’re calculating the best allocation of scarce survival resources)

Eve Hazelton Lighting and Greenscreen Tutorials

The Cinematographer for our favorite Underwater Short Film and Blog (the Underwater Realm), Eve Hazelton, put together three basic lighting tips and tutorials for to illuminate a few basic concepts:

1. In this tutorial created for, Eve talks you through simple to advanced lighting setups that are easy to achieve and produce beautiful results. She explains simply, how to get the most from your existing lights and some quick tips to create a really impressive shot.

2. Learn how to use Christmas lights, builder’s worklights and even your iPhone to add a little something special to your flm and video work!

3.In the last of three lighting tutorials created for Eve takes us through the three steps of greenscreen work: How to analyse you background plate to ensure a convincing key, How to light your screen and subject to match the background plate and How to take the foreground and background elements and combine them in Adobe After Effects

For more like this, grab yourself a copy of Eve’s lighting guide DVD on their kickstarter page:

An Interview with the Filmmakers behind “Virgin Alexander” (the Wrap)

John Hess interviews the Charlotte Barrett and Sean Fallon, husband-and-wife filmmaking team behind “Virgin Alexander” which has seen considerable festival success and is currently with a sales agent looking for distribution. John talks about all aspects of the filmmaking process from conception to writing, shooting to editing, and what life is like on the festival circuit.

Episode 31

Listen Audio Only:

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Show Notes

For the Complete 1 hour interview click here.

Top 7 Articles

7. Magic Lantern Announced an HDR for DSLRs

I have my reservations about this as I’m not seeing that much improvement in the footage that couldn’t be accomplished using something like LOG gamma, but this new technique is worth a look.

6. Behind the Scenes on The Hobbit Video Blog 5

Peter Jacksons latest installment takes us out of the studio and into the summery December New Zealand country side.

5. Kim Jong Il’s Funeral was a Lesson in Epic Filmmaking

If he were sane, he might have been a Filmmaker IQ regular…

4. Philip Bloom Reviews the Canon EOS C300

Call it confirmation bias, but suddenly I feel vindicated when I took the unpopular side regarding the Red Scarlet vs. EOS C300 battle ground. Philip Bloom takes a good look at the C300 – not a perfect camera, but a strong competitor.

3. Ed Burns on How to Make a Feature for $9000

Ed Burns can make a movie for 10x this if wanted to… but it’s back to the roots here. He explains how he did it.

2. Epic Review of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

From the guys that tore apart the original Star Wars Prequels, here’s an epic breakdown of the last Jones installment.

1. Helping Newt Rebuild the America We Love for Only $64 in Royalties

The story of how I discovered my stock footage was part of a national campaign for president.

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