Never Do Favors for @$$holes (the Wrap)

Filmmaker IQ’s John Hess goes off the deep end about a client that disregards all sense of human decency.

And we recap the best articles from the week of October 16-22, 2011

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Top 7 Posts from October 16 through 22, 2011

7. Sound, a Short Film on how sound connects us to the world
Sound” is a short film on how sound connects us to the world, featuring musicians and sound experts Moby, Imogen Heap, and others. The video was created by the audio sharing platformSoundCloud.

6. How to Build a DIY 3D Camera Rig
This video by Ritwika shows you how to 3D camera rig that allows for adjustments to be easily made to the interaxial distance and convergence of the two cameras.

5. Walt Disney’s SIN CITY
This video by ChiefBrodyRules mashes-up the Sin City trailer with a clips from Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective.

4. ADR Quality on Set
Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording the original dialogue after filming for the purpose of obtaining a cleaner, more intelligible dialogue track. This video by Neumann Films offers some tips for creating great ADR on set.

3.Normalizing the Volume in Adobe Premiere
Vimeo user RHED Pixel explains the different ways to gain control over your audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 – from normalizing peaks to using Premiere’s powerful Dynamics filter.

2.Reddit to Warner Bros. “all your stories are belong to us.”
James Erwin is a fledgling author who posted a series of short stories in Reddit’s forums about what would happen if U.S. Marines traveled back in time to fight the Roman Empire. Warner Bros. took notice and moved to buy the movie rights. But Reddit’s user agreement may turn his dream into a intellectual property nightmare.

1.Comedy Writing for Variety & Late Night
The Writers Guild of America, West Committee of Women Writers presents this four-part discussion with comedy writer/performer/directors: Beth Armogida (formerly, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”), Rachel Axler (formerly, “The Daily Show”), Beth Einhorn (“Leno”), Laurie Kilmartin (“Conan”), Jen Kirkman (“Chelsea Lately”), Molly McNearney (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”), Beth Sherman (formerly, “Leno,” “Letterman”) and Larry Wilmore (“Daily Show”). Former “Late Night with David Letterman” writer Nell Scovell moderates.

WTF Post of the Week:
How does English sound to non English speaking people.

The Age of Scorsese: Photos of Actors Recreating the Director’s Most Memorable Scenes

Harper’s BAZAAR collaborated with Martin Scorsese on a portfolio recasting some of his most memorable scenes with Kate Bosworth, Keanu Reeves, Emily Blunt and more. Photographed by Jason Schmidt.

You can see all the photos and read the tales by celebrated actors and Scorsese collaborators about their memories working with one of the world’s greatest storytellers here: The Age of Scorsese – Harper’s BAZAAR

Behind Scorsese: Goodfellas
The trio of Sir Ben Kingsley, Michael Pitt and Vincent Piazza share their all-time favorite Scorsese films.

Behind Scorsese: The Aviator
Real-life married couple Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer channel onscreen pair Leo and Cate.

Behind Scorsese: Gangs of New York
Christina Hendricks chats about her love of Renaissance Faire looks and how she and scene partner Jack Huston practiced their dance technique.

Behind Scorsese: Age of Innocence
Kate Bosworth talks about wearing Givenchy couture and channeling her idol Michelle Pfeiffer in our shoot.

Reddit to Warner Bros. “all your stories are belong to us.”

James Erwin is a fledgling author who posted a series of short stories in Reddit’s forums about what would happen if U.S. Marines traveled back in time to fight the Roman Empire. Warner Bros. took notice and moved to buy the movie rights. But Reddit’s user agreement may turn his dream into a intellectual property nightmare.

Reddit’s User Agreement:

“you agree that by posting messages, uploading files, inputting data, or engaging in any other form of communication with or through the Website, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, enhance, transmit, distribute, publicly perform, display, or sublicense any such communication in any medium (now in existence or hereinafter developed) and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, and to authorize others to do so.”

So, who really owns the rights if you crowdsource your story? The Hollywood Reporter looks into it:

Arguably, this means that Reddit also has the right to take Erwin’s story and license it to another studio — say, Universal or 20th Century Fox.

In addition, although Erwin undoubtedly did much of the hard work in crafting the story himself, during the genesis of “Rome, Sweet Rome,” some of Reddit’s other users made suggestions to his work that may ultimately shape the final story.

So what exactly did Warner Bros. buy here?

Jerry Birenz, who is listed as the copyright agent for Reddit, says that this raises an “interesting issue” and that by a strict reading of the user agreement, multiple parties might be able to make a claim to a license if they chose to develop Erwin’s story.

Birenz wouldn’t speak further without getting permission from his client, and executives for Reddit didn’t respond to requests for comment. (It’s worth pointing out that Reddit is owned by a major publisher — Condé Nast — which has shown interest in more robust licensing activity)

Other lawyers also agree there may be room for another studio to ambush Warners’ attempt at a film adaptation of a story posted on Reddit. This problem comes up, they say, because many social community sites wants to encourage active sharing and thus maintain permissive licensing arrangements.

“These assignable, nonexclusive licenses are everywhere, and problematic,” says Denise Howell, an IP lawyer in California. “Many professional photographers are eschewing photo sharing sites because they need to be able to grant exclusive licenses to their clients.”

Hollywood Reporter | Read Full Article

Spike Jonze’s Stop Motion Film: Mourir Auprès de Toi

Mourir Auprès de Toi is a short film by Spike Jonze, Simon Cahn and handbag designer Olympia Le-Tan. Set inside the famous Parisian bookstore, Shakespeare and Company the animations are a result of 3,000 pieces of hand cut felt by Le-Tan.

Here is a little “making of” video compiled by co-director Simon Cahn:

The Celebrated Filmmaker and Designer Olympia Le-Tan Co-create a Tale to Pierce the Heart

Designer Olympia Le-Tan’s embroidered clutch-bags spring to life in director Spike Jonze’s tragicomic stop-motion animation Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side). On a shelf in famed Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Company, the star-crossed love story of a klutzy skeleton and his flame-haired amour plays out amidst Le-Tan’s illustrations of iconic first-edition book covers. “It’s such a beautiful and romantic place,” offers Le-Tan of the antiquarian bookstore. “The perfect setting for our story!” The project started after Jonze asked for a Catcher in the Rye embroidery to put on his wall and the plucky Le-Tan asked for a film in return. Enlisting French filmmaker Simon Cahn to co-direct, the team wrote the script between Los Angeles and Paris over a six month period, before working night and day animating the 3,000 pieces of felt Le-Tan had cut by hand. “I love getting performances from, telling stories about and humanizing things that aren’t human,” said Jonze of working with Le-Tan’s characters. After spending five years adapting Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, Jonze’s recent shorts include robot love story I’m Here and an inspired G.I. Joe-starring video for The Beastie Boys. “A short is like a sketch,” he says. “You can have an idea or a feeling and just go and do it.” Here the iconic director reveals his creative process to writer Maryam L’Ange

Nowness | Read More

Canon 5D MKII & iPhone 4S 1080p HD Video Side by Side Comparison

Robino Films created this test between the iPhone 4S and the Canon 5D MK II. All scenes are perfectly synced together so you can pause and scrutinize the frames.

Exposure, shutter speed, frame rate and picture style were matched as close as possible between the two cameras. (I used the Zacuto Z-finder to help me adjust exposure for both iPhone and 5D)

This test shows that the tiny F2.4 lens and sensor on the iPhone are pretty nice. It even got a little depth of field!

I did not overlay the exact ISO and Stops 5D settings per shot. It was too much to keep track for this simple test. To be fair I matched 5D exposure to the iPhone so no “Cinestyle” / 24p here.

Photo of the makeshift rig in the photo area:

Here are the settings:

iPhone 4S

- AE.AF locked. That’s all you have!

Canon 5D MKII

- Canon 50mm 1.4
- ISO 160 ~ 640 (varied per shot to match the iPhone)
- F 7~22 (varied per shot to match the iPhone)
- Shutter 1/60th
- Auto WB
- Standard Picture Style
- 1080p 30

Rare Stanley Kubrick Interview from 1966

On November 27, 1966, two years before the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jeremy Bernstein of Look Magazine interviews Stanley Kubrick as he talks about how he started and how he works.

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