The Wrap – Why You Need a Musical Background

John Hess attempts (perhaps vainly) to make a link between music and filmmaking in a somewhat convoluted mist of yacking. And we cover the articles from August 21-26.

Episode 13

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30 Amazing Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs
Stanley Kubrick was devoted to images, telling his stories as visually as possible. His images have an arresting power that few if any directors can match.

Deconstructing the Story: A Lens and Composition Tutorial
Vimeo user stillmotion crams a ton of info about focal length and composition in this short 5 minute video about the production of a commercial film for Canon.

Creating a Bouncing Text Intro in After Effects
AcrezHD demonstrates how to create a bouncing text intro in After Effects using expressions and a few basic keyframes:

Clowning Around with the 5D, RED, and Alexa
The producers of the IndieGoGo Project “Clowning Around” asked camera assistant James Lackey about his take on the Canon 5d, RED, and Arri Alexa.

Set Locations for the Top 2000 IMDB Films
Edmund Helmer of has taken the top 2000 films from 1910-2010 according to IMDB, and fed their locations into a Google Map. Click on each marker for more information, and enjoy exploring for yourself.

Fix for Moire & Aliasing Problems with DSLRs
Philip Bloom may just have a fix for all your moire and aliasing issues with the VAF-5D2 anti-aliasing/moire filter designed and made by Dave Cubanski of Mosaic Engineering.

Top 7 Fictional Burger Joints from the Movies
Which of the following seven fictional burger joints would you like eat at? Or, post your own favorite in the comments section.

Samsung Cites 2001: A Space Odyssey In Apple Patent Case
Samsung is using a clip from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as an example of prior art in its defense against Apple’s patent infringement claims.

A History of Copyright Law
CGP Grey takes a look at the history of copyright law in his new video “Copyright: Forever Less One Day”.

The Art of Horror Movie Music
In this primer on horror movie soundtracks author and musician Stephen Thrower discuses how the scariest horror films don’t just make you want to cover your eyes, but your ears, too.

CineSkates DSLR Camera Sliders
CineSkates by Cinetics are a set of three wheels that attach to a tripod and enable fluid, rolling video in an ultra-portable package. Cinetics founder Justin Jensen is funding the first CineSkates production run with Kickstarter.

DIY Prop Knifes and Other Weaponry
In this video Stiltbeast Studios shows you how to make simple and realistic prop bladed weapons for your next horror film.

Jim Henson’s 1966 Oscar Nominated Experimental Short Film
Long before the Muppets Jim Henson wrote, produced, directed and stared in this experimental short “Time Piece.” It is about the effect of time keeping on us all.

WTF Post of the Week:

Jedi Kittens!

101 Movie Cliché Supercuts

To help demonstrate the silliness of the movie clichés, some obsessive-compulsive fanboys have collected those silly things we see over and over in various films into these single massive video montages of overused platitudes. We figured it was only fitting that we create a Super-Mashup of these Epic Supercuts!

What’s your favorite or most hated movie cliché?

View the Playlist on YouTube

Filmmaker Sent Rejection Letter from Film Festival She Didn’t Enter

Being a filmmaker you are required to deal with lots of rejection. You must have the mindset that for every No you hear you’re one step closer to Yes. Although when you get rejected for things you’ve never applied to, as Shawnee Barton did, hopefully you’ll keep your sense of humor.

VIA: Chicago Art Magazine

AFI Spotlight on…Roger Corman

Director Roger Corman discusses his first time filmmaking, the rapid pace that he made his films, and the effect that his films have had on “Big Budget Hollywood.

Director James Cameron and actress Diane Ladd, both of whom got began their careers on Corman films such as THE WILD ANGELS and BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, talk about what they learned working with Corman.


The Art of Horror Movie Music

In this primer on horror movie soundtracks author and musician Stephen Thrower discuses how the scariest horror films don’t just make you want to cover your eyes, but your ears, too.

If I had to choose just one great horror soundtrack from the 1970s, I’d go for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Relentless, disturbing and totally “out-there”, this groundbreaking work arose out of free improvisations by the film’s director Tobe Hooper and his musical associate Wayne Bell. Rather than composing melodic themes for the characters, or dutifully applying motifs to particular events, Hooper and Bell approached the soundtrack like vengeful deities, raining down storms of pure nightmare. The sound design rumbles with elemental violence; it’s difficult to discern precisely which musical instruments, if any, are responsible. When I spoke to Bell a few years ago he told me that a signature ingredient was “an upright bass, which we did all sorts of torturous things to during the Chain Saw sessions”. There’s also lots of tape manipulation (slowed-down and speeded-up gongs), and what sounds like a heavily asthmatic pedal-steel guitar (it is set in Texas, after all). Hooper and Bell smear these cues (with ad hoc titles such as Seethe and Madness) throughout the film, creating a dense, expressionist impasto into which screams, chainsaw engine noise and murderous gibbering are embedded; the effect is to completely mire you in the film’s claustrophobic horror.

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