“Star Wars Detours” takes Star Wars riffing to a whole ‘nother level

Seth Green and Matt Senreich, along with their collaborator Todd Grimes take their Robot Chicken humor and turn it full on in the Star Wars Universe with their latest creation “Star Wars Detours”

Senreich told fans the story behind the series, saying they got a call from Lucas’ people and he immediately thought they were getting sued for developing Star Wars: Detours.

“Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty fucking funny, don’t you?’” Green remembers. “‘So, how about we do something funny together?’” Via E! Online

More clips:

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera RAW files now available to the world.

Opening their new forum, Blackmagic design has released the raw footage from John Brawley’s “After Glow” (which you’ve seen bits from here) for all you pixel peepers to test out:

These DNG’s from my recent shoot with director Ben Phelps, Afterglow. Afterglow was done with a shipping version of the camera though it’s likely that the software will have been updated by the time many of you get your cameras.

This shoot was a chance to workshop a shooting methodology that Ben is keen to adopt on a long form project he has in development For you guys, it means you get to look at some nice DNG’s !

So we shot with the intention of a 24 FPS finish. There are a few 30 FPS shots and the intention would be to play those back in a 24 FPS timeline for a “slight” slow motion.

So go download Resolve if you don’t have it (it’s free) and load these shots up in Resolve or even Photoshop if you like. Once you have loaded the files into Resolve, you should note the little camera icon on the “color” tab. It’s on the left hand side just above the wheels. In here you can select how you want Resolve to interpret the Cinema DNG files for each shot in your timeline. You can choose to follow “as shot” or you can now choose your own WB settings from a pull down list of features, or by simply typing in your own WB number in the field.

John Brawley – Blackmagic Forum | Read the Full Post

How to Upgrade your Boot Drive to SSD

Here’s the process I went through to update my editing computer’s system drive (where Windows is installed) from the old style platter to the much faster SSD Drive.

Benchmark included in video.

The model I installed was OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-240G 2.5″ 240GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD). The computer has been running solidly for about a month since this video was produced without any major problems.

Philip Bloom Reviews the Canon 1Dx

The Canon 1Dx is Canon’s top-of-the-line full sized sensor HDSLR which Philip Bloom used to shoot the behind the scenes bits for a music video for Olly Knights.

Olly Knights: If not now when from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

But my good friend and often collaborator on shoots, James Miller, he of lens whacking and removing OLPF from Mk3 fame, used one from and told me that is was everything he had hoped the Mk3 would have been video-wise. From that point my interest was piqued. I spoke to my friend Guy from Hire-a-camera and asked if I could borrow it for the weekend. I went out and did some comparison shots between it and my Mk3, and a few between them and the D800. Nothing much. From those shots I clearly saw more detail in the 1DX, not as sharp as the D800 still but no moire/ aliasing that the D800 suffers from. There was also something about the image I couldn’t put my finger on though, something really nice, and doing a few test shots is no way to judge a camera.

With a bit of arm twisting, I managed to hang onto the 1DX a bit longer, and it coincided with an idea I had with Olly Knights from Turin Brakes to shoot some narrative shots to add to our already filmed footage for our forthcoming documentary footage, to make a music video of his single “If not now when”. Perfect. No better way to test a camera than on a shoot.

So with minimal crew, and I mean minimal. Just me directing, shooting and Sarah Estela taking BTS photos and assisting, we rocked up to the location in Essex where Olly was with our simple plan of action and over the course of 3 hours shot all our narrative shot on the 1DX.
Philip | Read the Full Article

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