Misdirection is the Key to Special Effects (the Wrap)

Multi-million dollar special effects budgets can make anything imaginable – but for the limited budget filmmaker, we must rely on creativity and tricks to sell our special effects.

Episode 53

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From Humble Beginnings

Here’s the final hero shot of my space ship:

Top 7 Articles of the Week

7. Philip Bloom Reviews the Sony FS700

Sony sent over a pre-production FS700 (the one that shoots slo-mo) to Philip Bloom to play with. Here’s his report.

6. Limitations can trigger a really creative side in you…

The common complaint of the indie filmmaker is the lack of something – but creative filmmaker will turn the tables and dance around the obstacles.

5. What happens on a Tech Scout doesn’t stay on a Tech Scout

Michael S. Chandler exposes what happens on a Tech Scout in preparation for a film production.

4. The Dark and Dream-like Title Sequences of David Fincher Films

Keith Link runs through the memorable Title Sequences from David Fincher’s films.

3. It’s Hard to Stop a Trane: Shooting Action Sequences

2. $42 DIY Soft Light – No Electrical Wiring Needed

Electrical wiring can be intimidating to a DIYer (and it should be because it could potentially be very dangerous). Here’s a DIY softlight you can build that doesn’t require anything more than off the shelf electrical components.

1. Incredible Steadicam shot Behind the Scenes of Hugo

Go behind the scenes of Hugo and Larry McConkey steadicam work.

The final shot:

WTF Post of the Week

Today is the Day

The Dark and Dream-like Title Sequences of David Fincher Films

Keith Link runs through the memorable Title Sequences from David Fincher’s films.

Filmmaker David Fincher has had a bit of a whirlwind career. From making movies on his super 8 mm as a child to landing a spot at ILM working on features like Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is perhaps his later work directing music videos for the likes of Madonna, Aerosmith, and Billy Idol that honed Fincher’s ability to create high-impact, lasting visuals. Which is why it is no surprise that the title sequences in many of David Fincher’s films are often as iconic as the films themselves. Here is a sampling of the highly-creative opening titles that grace his films.

Panic Room

This title sequence is perhaps the most tame of the Fincher films. Quietly showing you the city from a distance while, rather creatively, breaking with the tradition of simply superimposing titles over the visuals. Instead the type literally hangs in the environment floating across building facades and other city elements. The cold detachment of this sequence may set-up how the Altman’s are isolated in their house with no one to help them, despite living in a city of millions of people.

Awesome B Movies | Read the Full Article

Creating an After Effects Sunrise

Rob Mize shows how to create the effect of a sunrise using only After Effects and a background graphic. This project employs techniques using masks, solids, shapes and effects that can be useful for a variety of projects. Whether creating this effect or some other, After Effects is a great way to start the day.

Via Creative Cow

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