The Wrap – What happens in Vegas…

The Wrap – What happens in Vegas… ends up on this Podcast
Episode 8

Filmmaker IQ’s John Hess runs down all the juicy details of the 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival including the a winning “Best Independent Film” for Pitch Black – a short film developed right here on Filmmaker

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Show Notes

The official Pitch Black Wins “Best Independent Film” page.

Forum Posting about the Best Screenwriting tips from James Orr

No IQ Weekly Wrap up this week because we ran out of time. We will cover the best articles from last week (and there were some AWESOME ones) in next week’s podcast.

Night Photography: Finding Your Way In The Dark

Night photographers have one big thing in common: a true love of the dark. Rather than looking at night photography as an extension of daytime shooting with added complications, they embrace the unique challenges of nocturnal photography for the tremendous wealth of creative opportunities it offers.

Purchase: Night Photography: Finding your way in the dark by Lance Keimig

Inside the House from “The Royal Tenenbaums”

From the AV Club: The Royal Tenenbaums is set in New York, but not really. The city viewers see in the film certainly looks like New York, but the names have been changed and, in at least one case, an iconic landmark covered up. Consequently, the house that Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) bought in the winter of his 35th year is located on Archer Avenue in the film, not in Harlem on Convent Avenue at 144th Street, as it is in real life.

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