How a Hard Drive Works

As filmmakers we rely on hard drives from screenwriting to post-production, but do you know how they work? In this video Bill “The Engineer Guy” opens up a computer hard drive to show you how it is engineered.

He describes how the “head” reads the magnetic information on the disk; reveals how a voice coil motor and a slider controls the position of that head. He also discusses how smooth a disk must be, and briefly mentions a mathematical technique that allows engineers to pack more information on a drive.

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Directing Actors with Judith Weston

International author, directing coach and workshop leader Judith Weston discusses techniques that deepen subtext , eliminate “result” direction, and deliver memorable performances.

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television
The Film Director’s Intuition: Script Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques

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Advanced 3D Wings in After Effects

This video by Iaenic covers a technique for making cool 3D Wings in Adobe After Effects.

The sample project file is now available for download at: (AE CS4)
The example image can be found here: iStock #2028262
You can contact the video author here: [email protected]

Note to Movie Texters, the Alamo Drafthouse will Kick You Out

If there is any justice in this world, surely people who text, talk on the phone, or otherwise wave a bright object around in a dark theater should be put to death. Well the Alamo Drafthouse, a chain of restaurant/movie theaters in Texas, is doing the next best thing – removing them and their stupid phone off the premises.

The following is an ingenious promotional piece using an angry voicemail from an unhappy texter: Notice how she changes her story twice:

Filmmaker IQ Podcast! – The First Episode EVER!

Welcome to the first episode of the Filmmaker IQ Podcast!

Announcing FilmmakerIQ latest feature – a weekly FilmmakerIQ Podcast, recapping some of the most interesting articles and forum posts from the week as well as general filmmaking chat with IQ Mangling Editor, John Hess.

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Show Notes

FilmmakerIQ Recap

Articles covered from the week of  March 30 – June 5, 2011

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