The Wrap – What Hollywood Remakes Mean to You

John Hess explores the question of whether Hollywood is out of ideas and provides his take on how to break in.


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Filmmaker Sent Rejection Letter from Film Festival She Didn’t Enter
Being a filmmaker you are required to deal with lots of rejection. You must have the mindset that for every No you hear you’re one step closer to Yes. Although when you get rejected for things you’ve never applied to, as Shawnee Barton did, hopefully you’ll keep your sense of humor.

101 Movie Cliché Supercuts
To help demonstrate the silliness of the movie clichés, some obsessive-compulsive fanboys have collected those silly things we see over and over in various films into these single massive video montages of overused platitudes.

DIY Cyclorama Photo Studio with Sexy Ashley
Watch as Ashley from EyeHandy hammers and screws a room full of studs, fills her cracks with caulk then finishes by coating those curves white.

Amazing Checker Shadow Optical Illusion
This checker shadow illusion was developed in 1995 by Edward Adelson, a professor in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Free Printable DSLR Lens Hoods
Paul Mutton from Lens Hoods has created PDF patterns that can be printed and cut out to make lens hoods for nearly every lens made by all manufactures of 35mm and digital SLR camera lenses.

Time Lapse of a Television Editor
Have you ever wondered what it takes to edit a one-hour episode of television? Here is a short time lapse video of the editing process for episode 416 of the NBC series “Chuck”.

How to Make Breakaway Glass
In this video The Slanted Lens will show you how to make Candy glass and then introduce you to premier Hollywood products made by Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass.

13 Examples of Why DVD Bootleggers are More Honest than Hollywood Studios
These shinning examples of bad bootleg DVDs shows sometimes you need to step outside the law to get a little honesty in movie marketing.

Interview with Julien Nitzberg: “It’s like Scorcese directing Hee-Haw”
Richard Metzger interviews Julien Nitzberg, director of the amazing documentary film, “The Wild Whites of West Virginia.” Shot over the course of eighteen months, the film follows the often comical, sometimes tragic antics of the hell-raising hillbilly White family of Boone County, WV. Surely the state’s most notorious clan since the days of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

An Extraordinary Sci-Fi Prop Gun – Step by Step
Harrison Krix of Volpin Props goes through the painstaking step-by-step process he used to create the N7 Rifle for video game producer Bioware for the next installment of their popular franchise: Mass Effect 3.

8mm Film transfer to Video using a Canon 5d
James Miller demonstrates a technique of directly projecting 8mm film into the sensor of a Canon 5d MkII for converting those old celluloid prints.

How to cast a Film… Underwater
David M. Reynolds, director of the ambitious independent short film “Underwater Realm”, takes us through an audition session held at the bottom of a pool.

First Look: Panasonic’s 3d Shoulder Mount Camera (AG-3DP1

Still set on shooting your next film in 3d? It may have gotten a little easier with Panasonic’s new full sized camera: The Panasonic 3DP1.

Stephen Fry on Grammar Nazis (Kinetic Typography)
Matthew Rogers illustrates Stephen Fry’s verbal essay on language and the so-called guardians of grammar and proper English.

Mastering the “Same Day Edit”
This video from the Canon Learning Center covers the thought processes behind the “Same Day Edit” where you are turning around a finished product on the same day as you shot it.

A Day In the Life of a Hollywood Simian Star
It is no secret that we at Filmmaker IQ can’t get enough of our monkey videos – in this gem we get to follow daily activities of a super-chill orangutan on her way to an Hollywood audition.

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