Featurette for “Les Miserables” shows Actors Singing on Set

On most film musicals, the musical portions are recorded in a studio prior to production and played back on set. The upcoming film of “Les Miserables” has actors performing their songs live with the music dubbed in afterwards.

This isn’t the first time this has been attempted since the “golden days” of 30s and 40s musicals. Peter Bagdonovich attempted it in 1975 with At Long Last Love. The problem with capturing live performances rather than miming pre-recorded tracks is you’re trading spontaneity and reality for a polished musical performance:

Cybill Shepherd does a passable job in her musical soliloquy but it’s not the pitch perfect musical performance you would expect if you bought the “Original Broadway Cast Recording”. In a studio recording, the actor can focus solely on crafting a perfect vocal performance without worrying about blocking and movement – both which can affect the vocal tone. Even the sound of the set creeps into the video above as you can hear the slightly wooden echo during the opening wide shot.

But technology has advanced… gathered from the “Les Miserable” featurette, the actors were recorded cleanly on set (no musical accompaniment – only a rehearsal piano in the ear piece). This allows significant post processing including sweetening and the much-maligned auto-tuning (not the stylistically overused kind, but the minor correction of a few percent here and there) so that the finished product can have the pitch perfect musical performances that Les Miz fans come to expect.

After all, most people in the audience will be mouthing the words along to the film.

Les Miserables opens December 25, 2012

Understanding Premultiplication for Transparency and Mattes

Don’t worry – you won’t have to do any math… In this tutorial James Whiffen explains what premultiplication is, when you need to premultiply and unpremultiply, and how we can use this knowledge to solve matte processing issues.

German Government urges People to STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!!

We’re putting the finishing touches on our new site design but one of the bugs we’re having is… Internet Explorer compatibility. Now even the Germans are on our side against the browser that makes sites do weird things and can even potentially make you vulnerable to hacker attacks.

(Reuters) – The German government urged the public on Tuesday to temporarily stop using Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer following discovery of a yet-to-be repaired bug in the Web browser that the software maker said makes PCs vulnerable hacker attacks.

It issued the warning as a researcher said he found evidence that suggests the hackers who exploited the flaw were seeking to attack defense contractors.

Microsoft said on Monday that attackers can exploit the bug in its Internet Explorer, used on hundreds of millions of computers, to infect the PC of somebody who visits a malicious website and then take control of the victim’s computer.

The German government’s Federal Office for Information Security, or BSI, said it was aware of targeted attacks and that all that was needed was to lure Web surfers to a website where hackers had planted malicious software that exploited the bug.

“A fast spreading of the code has to be feared,” the German government said in its statement.

BSI advised all users of Internet Explorer to use an alternative browser until the manufacturer has released a security update.

Officials with Microsoft did not respond to a request to comment on the move by the German government, although the company downplayed the impact of the flaw in a written statement.

“There have been an extremely limited number of attacks,” said company spokeswoman Yunsun Wee. “The vast majority of Internet Explorer users have not been impacted.”

Reuters | Read the Full Articles

Other Browsers we recommend over Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Ring the Bell! Vimeo adds a Tip Jar

Love a video so much that you could just marry it – why not send it a dowry. Vimeo’s new “in kind” option allows users to send a tip to the creators of the video (and we’re not talking “wear sunscreen” kind of tips). Also in the works is a pay-per-view option which could change the way video creators make money on the net.

Vimeo’s Official Announcement

Hat Tip: NoFilmSchool

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