Creating the Original Stormtrooper Mask

A step by step guide to the creation of the original Stormtrooper by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth. In 1976 at Shepperton Design Studios Ainsworth created the original Stormtrooper helmets and armor for the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

More recently, he had a 5 year battle with Lucasfilm Ltd. over who has the right to sell Stormtrooper helmets. Lucasfilm tried to stop him, saying the helmets were protected by copyright laws. The UK supreme court ruled in favor of Ainsworth.

Visit for more information or to purchase.

The original HDPE helmets on the pavement at Shepperton Design Studios

cinemetrics: visualizing movie data

cinemetrics is about measuring and visualizing movie data, in order to reveal the characteristics of films and to create a visual “fingerprint” for them. Information such as the editing structure, color, speech or motion are extracted, analyzed and transformed into graphic representations so that movies can be seen as a whole and easily interpreted or compared side by side.

Extracting, processing and visualizing movie data is something you cannot do manually, that’s why custom software tools were written for pretty much every step of the process. – Tools for disassembling video files into their components (video, audio, subtitles, etc.) and processing them (shot detection, average shot length, motion measuring, color palettes), as well as an interactive application to generate and compare different movie fingerprints.

cinemetrics | Visit Site

Canon EOS DSLR Controller Android App

DSLR Controller is the first app that allows you to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with only a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, only a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable.

It is now available from Market (desktop link).

Also see the discussion thread on

Features include but are not limited to:

- Live View
- Auto Focus (tap Live View)
- Manual focus adjustments in Auto Focus mode
- Histogram
- Zoom control
- Grid display
- Bulb capture
- Continuous capture
- Extensive modification of settings
— Shutter speed
— Aperture
— Exposure Compensation and Bracket
— Flash Compensation
— ISO speed
— Auto-Focus Mode
— Focus and Zoom area (tap-and-hold Live View)
— Picture Style
— Drive Mode
— White Balance
— Color Temperature
— Auto-Lighting Optimizer
— Metering Mode

The Wrap – John gets a Van

John discusses the epic adventure of going to San Francisco to pick up his first production vehicle.

Episode 10:

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Show Notes

Shot in/near Big Sur

First time out – full of gear for the 48 hour film project

IQ Weekly Recap:

Setting up DIY Studio Lighting
Studios can save a lot of time in a shooting schedule. In order to set up your own, Videomaker shows you what to consider when choosing a studio space such as size, electricity, and sound so that you can make a studio that not only makes your life easier, but impresses your clients as well.

10 Problems To Avoid With Dialogue In Screenplays
Robert McKee discusses 10 problems screenwriters should try to avoid when writing.

Roger Deakins’ Favorite Scenes: No Country for Old Men.
Cinematographer Roger Deakins talks with NPR’s Melissa Block about one of his favorite scenes from the movie “No Country for Old Men”.

The Interlocking Parallel Reality of Tarantino Movies
Did you know Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega (John Travolta) is the brother to Vic Vega (aka Mr. Blonde) (Michael Madsen) from Reservoir Dogs? Remember Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz (Eli Roth) from Inglourious Basterds? The film producer Lee Donowitz from True Romance is Donny’s son.

DIY: $1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera
Reduce or eliminate blurred photos and videos with this simple trick. Make your own camera stabilizer and see how sharp and crisp your photos and video can be even without a tripod.

Cannes 1975 Rare Interviews with Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, Tobe Hooper, and others
Lost In The Garden of the World is a documentary shot at the 1975 Cannes film festival. It contains interviews with Paul Bartel, Tobe Hooper, Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese and Dustin Hoffman.

DIY DSLR Rig Handles
This video by Just Basl Productions shows you how to build your own camera rig handles. These grips are not up to the quality of RedRockMicro grips, but if you are looking for really inexpensive handle grips, these would be a good alternative.

Tripod Trix

This short video tutorial was created by Derek Beck for the Vimeo Video School. It offers up some cool tricks you can use with your tripod.

Syd Field’s Screen Writing Workshop
As the guru of screenwriting instruction Syd Field has devised a timelessly valuable formula that touches on all the essentials of screenplay preparation, structure, and completion.

Top Ten Quietly Great Films
There are those directors that all scholars, fans, and filmmakers agree are great: Speilberg, Scorsese, Coppola, and (of course) Michael Bay. But what are the films that inspired those greats? Gregory Cwik looks at 10 films that quietly inspired how we make films today.

The Zombie 5K: Run for Your Lives
Run For Your Lives is a 5k obstacle course race where you are chased by volunteer zombies coming to Maryland on October 22, 2011.

A History Of The Title Sequence
Jurjen Versteeg designed this video as a possible title sequence for a fictitious documentary, this film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell. The sequence includes all the names of title designers who had a revolutionary impact on the history and evolution of the title sequence. The names of the title designers all refer to specific characteristics of the revolutionary titles that they designed.

Terry Gilliam’s DIY Animation Show
In this video Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam discusses his animation techniques on Bob Godfrey’s Do-It-Yourself Animation Show on BBC1. The show encouraged children to do animation; each episode had established animators talking about their work and different animation techniques.

Visual Effects for HBO’s Game of Thrones
BlueBolt created these visual effects for HBO’s sprawling fantasy series “Game of Thrones”, completing around 300 shots with photo-real CG environments and CG dragons.

Francis Ford Coppola: Writing is like a Bowl of Pasta
Francis Ford Coppola appeared as the headline guest for the 10th Marrakech International Film Festival. That’s where filmmakers Roberto de Paolis and Carlo Lavagna met the 71-year-old legend for this NOWNESS interview where he discusses his writing process.

WTF Post of the Week!

Rotate your Owl… for Scienc!

Win the New Celtx Script 2.0 App!

Celtx has introduced the all new Celtx Script 2.0 for iPad/iPhone. The #1 selling mobile scriptwriting app is now the first with page breaks and page numbering, coloured notes, scene re-ordering, pinch/zoom page sizing, and 13 other innovative and much-requested features. And Celtx Script syncs with Celtx on your desktop, so you can write your script from any place at any time.

Win Celtx Script 2.0!

To enter simply click here to retweet the Celtx Script 2.0 annoucement.

The winner will be chosen at random after Monday August 8th at 11:59 am EST and will be notified via their Twitter account. Good Luck!

Celtx Script 2.0 Features
- Screenplay, AV, Stageplay, Audio & Comic scripts.
- Sync scripts with desktop Celtx & Celtx Studios.
- Pinch/zoom page & font size (50% to 400%)
- ‘Tab’ key for rapid cycling through elements.
- Page breaks and numbered pages.
- Reorder & delete scenes.
- Cut/copy/paste across elements.
- Bold/Italic/Underline.
- Add coloured notes.
- Undo & Redo options.
- Element transition matches desktop Celtx.
- White or parchment background.
- AirPrint support.
- US Letter or A4.
- Email as PDF or text.

Celtx Script 2.0 now in the App Store:

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