Coloring The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This video by Dolby Laboratories gives you to the behind the scenes look at how Michael Cioni and the team at Light Iron Digital used Dolby Reference Monitors for Coloring “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

A Letter to Stanley Kubrick about the Newly Invented Steadicam

Jan Harlan writes Stanley Kubrick in February, 1976 about a new invention, the Steadicam. Kubrick was so impressed he used it in his next movie, The Shining, and in every film he made afterwords.

VIA: The Stanley Kubrick Archives / Letters of Note


10. Feb. 76


Dear Stanley,

I saw this new contraption for hand-held shots in action. It’s just terrific. Enclosed a photograph of one of the prototypes. The whole secret is a perfect balance of the camera and the arm AND a spring loaded- tension arm which separates the body movement from the camera to an astonishing degree. The operator can run and the camera moves through the air as if held on a string from above. I saw a roll of film this morning shot by Haskel where the operator sits on a crane – the crane comes down the the ground, the operator gets of the seat and walks away, no cut. Not only will this thing safe a lot of money and time by avoiding tracks, but you could do shots and think of shots which would not enter your mind otherwise. You see, I am sold on that think, although it costs $30,000.–. Ed will be in London on Feb 25 for 4 hours and I told him to send you that roll of film which I saw. I promised him that you will send it back to him within a few days. He will just arrange with someone that the roll is delivered to you.

Ed will be in Copenhagen in 2 weeks and I have asked him to see Mr. Jakobsen and find out for himself what is happening. I assume that Jakobsen has not contacted you in the meantime.

best Jan

The many faces of Meryl Streep

The two-time Oscar-winner sits down with Morley Safer of 60 Minutes to discuss acting, her career and her latest leading role as the “Iron Lady,” former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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Introducing Characters in a Screenplay

Robert McKee answers this question from writer Steve Ericsson: “Introducing many characters within a story, even if you have just one or two main characters, is quite a challenge when writing a screenplay. How would you go about introducing several important characters during the first act/first half of the story in an effective and compelling way?”

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