A Sneak Peak at Adobe’s Upcoming Video Features

With NAB just around the corner – Adobe has released their latest updates to their Creative Cloud software:

To me, the most exciting new feature is how proxies are going to be handled. Now that every camera is throwing out bigger and bigger files into our workflow, responsiveness can suffer. And when you’re waiting, you can’t be creative and try new things. I’ll be very interested in putting these proxy systems into work:

As someone that spends a lot of time in After Effects, I’m also looking forward to the rendering and playback performance improvements as well. Thank goodness they brought Lumetri into the After Effects environment!

Of course there’s also the addition of VR video handling as well as some upgrades to make audio editing easier for the beginner… You can check out the full press release of upcoming upgrades. The new versions of Adobe CC Video products are expected to be released in the coming months.


The Rise of a New Hollywood in China

China’s film industry has grown so big so fast, that it is now looking to compete with Hollywood

Chinese Studio

How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene – A Filmmaker IQ Course!!!

How a director stages a scene dramatically affects the story – in this experiment at YouTube Space LA, we take a boilerplate police detective script and shoot it five ways with five different types of blocking to demonstrate how direction and acting can really change the feel of a scene.

This experiment will take the exact same script shooting the scene using standard over the shoulder back and forth – advanced over the shoulder with business, a One Take shot, a Romantic comedy blocking and a Zucker Brothers style comedy.

Very recently we shared a video on how Hitchcock blocks a scene where I took some reservations about ascribing too much forethought into a Hitchcock directed scene. Much of my experience in this and previous filmmaking experience has shown that blocking dialogue scenes does require a great deal more collaboration than just storyboarding precise movements. I hope this demonstrative experiments shows a lot of what can happen on set.


‘Jessica Jones’ & ‘Homeland’ Composer Sean Callery Profile

Sean Callery is the composer for many hit series, including ‘Homeland’ and Marvel’s neo-noir twist on superheroes, ‘Jessica Jones.’ Variety’s Steve Chagollan went to Callery’s studio to learn how he created the ‘Jessica Jones’ credit sequence and scored a tense scene for ‘Homeland.’

Sean Callery

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