Understanding Makeup to Become a Better Photographer

Quentin Decaillet discusses some of the fundamentals and questions you should be asking your makeup artist during your photoshoot (or film shoot for that matter)


We often hear how much makeup can impact the final result of a photo shoot. It can either make or break a picture depending on its quality. A great makeup artist can save you tons of time in post while a bad one will add many hours to your job. However, working with a great makeup artist doesn’t necessarily mean you will get what you need. If you cannot communicate properly, his work might not suit you, and neither will the resulting pictures. Educating yourself on some of the makeup basics can save you from this kind of situation.

Some principles of makeup are pretty close to what is done in post-production by photographers and retouchers. However words and technics are not always the same. While we might use curves or frequency separation to correct some discoloration and to perfect skin tones, they will use correctors or foundation to diminish eye bags and hide skin imperfections – same thing, but not the same wording. Understanding what a makeup artist can or cannot do will change the quality of your pictures drastically. So imagine what you can achieve if you can get a grasp of their basic principles and techniques! Here are a few things to get you started.

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