Crimson Peak and The Color of FEAR

From Pan’s Labyrinth, to Pacific Rim, to the Hellboy franchise Guillermo Del Toro has brought the magic back to genre cinema. And Crimson Peak is no exception as he channels the cinematic prowess of one of the now long gone greats, the Master of the Macabre, Mario Bava. In this episode of Frame By Frame, Kyle shows how the style and techniques of this Director’s Ghost haunts the halls of Crimson Peak.


An In-Depth Interview with Elizabeth Banks DP/30

She is a classic overnight sensation who worked for years to make her way to the top. Now, as a leading actress, a producer, and now a director, she is at the top of the Hollywood food chain. And her role as the woman who helped Brian Wilson regain his sanity in Love & Mercy has people talking about her being nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She talked with David Poland about the journey.

Elizabeth Banks

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