The Close Ups of Whiplash

Between Frames presents Whiplash – Close Up

One of the reasons that Whiplash has such a strong impact on its audience is the relationship between quick close ups and long wide shots used. The quick close up shots mimic the way that humans see and even remember things and by doing so places the audience onto Andrew Neimann’s drum stool, feeling physically beaten as the drums and mentally beaten as the drummer. This video takes all of the close ups from Whiplash and combines them into one experience, emphasizing this feeling.


Happy 7th Birthday Filmmaker IQ!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been another year. Today marks the beginning of our seventh year at Filmmaker IQ!

In the last posting we shared a little bit of our vision moving forward with a brand new free film school. We wanted to be ready for our anniversary but forces outside of our control have slowed the progress and instead of rushing it out, we’re going to try to get as many bugs out of it before releasing it as we can but remember we’re still human.

In the mean time, let us take a moment to again thank you for your patronage. It really means a lot to us that you are watching and reading our filmmaking content. We haven’t gone anywhere, we’re just trying to put together the best filmmaking learning and sharing experience on the web and that takes a lot of time to get right. But it’ll be ready before you know it:


In the mean time, please check out our social networks: FacebookTwitter & Google Plus to see all the content we collect before we consolidate it into the new site.

Regardless of where you’re reading this from – have a HAPPY and SAFE Fourth of July!!!

And here’s to another great year at!

Dennis Hartwig and John P. Hess

Sorry folks Filmmaker IQ won’t be posting on our website until July 4th, the moose out front should have told ya.

On July 4th 2008 Filmmaker IQ went live. This year on our 7th anniversary everything on Filmmaker IQ will change. We have been hard at work behind the scenes on a brand new site and a brand new approach toward learning filmmaking. As we clear off the dust and eradicate the final bugs we won’t be posting here on while we get everything set up. HOWEVER, we will be still posting all the fresh daily content you normally find here on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus so make sure you follow us there.


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store.

We are completely replacing our old courses with brand new interactive ones, powered by a massive new learning management system. These courses will continue to be FREE to everyone. They will contain our video lectures, multimedia lesson units and exams to test your comprehension of the materials covered. In addition to Courses we will also have Labs: These are projects ranging from testing out filmmaking techniques to actual short film assingments designed to put filmmaking rubber to the road so to speak.

Got a burning question? We are adding a new Question and Answer section you can ask questions on every subject of film and filmmaking (similar to Yahoo! Answers). You can vote on the best answers and even select your favorite answer.


Every course you pass, lab you submit, questions you ask or answer (as well as tons of other site activity) will earn you points on the site.  As you earn points you will move up in rank (Coming Attraction, New Release, Double Feature, Breakout Hit, Rising Star, Prolific, Tour de force, A List, Super Star, Mogal, Icon, Auteur, Legend). You will also earn badges and certificates for completing courses and labs. We will have persistent leaderboards so you can see how you compare to your fellow filmmakers around the world.

One more thing… We are creating a live show in partnership with YouTube where you get to interact with us in real time. Along with answering your questions, we will have industry guests, video segments and much more.

We have to get back to work now but we’ll see you on July 4th!

How Do We Measure an Audience? A New Filmmaker IQ LESSON!!

Jurassic World just set a record at the box office for opening weekend – but what do these box office numbers mean?

How do we measure an audience? – It’s not always as simple as counting tickets. In this lesson we look at the techniques and methods studios and distributors use to calculate who has seen their products and try to make sense of all those Box Office Numbers and Ratings.

This lesson is proudly sponsored by RØDE Microphones:


How do we measure an audience

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