Watch this Restored Masterpiece: Two by Satyajit Ray

In 1964, renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray was asked to create a short film for ‘ESSO World Theater’, a cultural showcase presented on television and funded by the American oil company Esso. Asked to write and direct the film in English, Ray opted instead to make a film without words. The result is a poignant fable of friendship and rivalry. As he did for many of his films, Ray composed the music for the film, including the haunting tune played on the flute.

After Satyajit Ray was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1992, the Academy embarked on an ambitious endeavor to preserve the works of the Bengali filmmaker. “Two,” also known as “Parable of Two,” is part of the Academy’s Satyajit Ray Collection which includes 18 feature films directed by Ray and preserved by the Archive.

Though Ray worked exclusively on 35mm, “Two” may have been filmed on 16mm, as it was created specifically for television. After an exhaustive search for elements relating to the film, three 16mm prints were found. From the 16mm print with the least wear and tear, courtesy of the Austrian Film Museum, a preservation negative was struck. “Two” was then digitally scanned and picture clean up and restoration were performed to eliminate scratches. The 16mm film’s poor audio was also restored. The film is now preserved and available to screen theatrically on 16mm or as a digital cinema package (DCP). Now, audiences everywhere can see this obscure gem, preserved by the Academy Film Archive, from master filmmaker Satyajit Ray.


New Interview Series Exploring the World of Indie Film from Borgus Network

Our friends at Borgus Network have put together a series of interviews featuring filmmaker Foris Day that explore the world of indie film & screenwriting with the top experts in the industry:

Included in this playlist are:

  • Hollywood exec Carole Kirschner tips for moving to Los Angeles:
  • BBC Producer John Yorke on using 5 acts instead of 3 to overcome writer’s block:
  • Emmy nominated producer Troy DeVolld on writing for reality shows:
  • ShareGrid’s Brent Barbano on the future of renting film gear:
  • ‘Alien’ & ‘Total Recall’ writer Dan O’Bannon on keeping the audience awake:
  • Hollywood acting coach Michael Laskin on how to be authentic on screen:
  • 50-year editor Richard Pepperman says editors never stop learning:
  • John Bucher & Jeremy Casper on using old storytelling principles with new media:
  • Professor Joe Gilford on overcoming fears of starting that script:
  • Hollywood’s go-to comedy expert Steve Kaplan on how to write comedy:
  • Director William Dickerson on micro-budget filmmaking:

Rolling Tape

Posing and Rendering CGI Characters – A Filmmaker IQ Course!!!

How do we create and pose CGI characters? In this course we walk through the steps we use to create, pose and render our mascot using 3D Studio Max, V-Ray as well as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.


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New York in 1993 in HD – DTheater DVHS Demo Tape

Check out this rare HD look at New York City from 1993 in this demo for D-VHS – an rare HD variation that worked on S-VHS tape.

Though this demo came out in 2002, the footage itself is from 1993 (as told by the ads in Time Square) recorded by perhaps a Sony SONY HDC-500 attached to a HDV-10 portable recorder which recorded on UniHi 3/4″ tape.

This is an interesting mix of analog and digital tech – not the kind of sharpness that we get from today’s cameras while having that softness and low dynamic range of VHS tape – it sort of looks like HDV only it was recorded more than a decade before HDV hit the market.



For more information on DVHS…

The Science of Rendering Photorealistic CGI – A Filmmaker IQ Lesson!!!

How do we get a glorified adding machine to generate a photorealistic image? Find out as we explore the processes developed over 40 years of intensive computer science research which now bring amazing Visual Effects to the silver screen which include Rasterization, Ray Casting, Ray Tracing and the Rendering Equation.

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