18 Workspaces of Famous Creators & How You Can Win a LG UltraWide Monitor plus $10,000 for Your Dream Setup

From epic space odysseys to the most personal of love stories, movie magic always begins (and usually finishes) with somebody working at a desk. Here is a sample of workspaces from the minds that make the shows we love:

At the center of my creative space is a computer – it is a swiss knife which I use to record, edit, create graphics, animate 3d characters, write code and even compose music. Without it I can not operate. But hardware doesn’t last forever and there’s always some new technical challenge that your machine has trouble with. Perhaps you just recently upgraded 4K or trying out RAW for the first time: You craft the perfect shot only to drop it on the timeline and watch your poor editing computer slog through it turning your video into a slide show. Or perhaps you’re just tired of having to wait endlessly while your NLE slowly renders any tiny change you make, testing your patience over creativity.

Well if you have a dream for a new rig and a new workspace, LG can make it happen in their UltraWide Festival 2015 Dream Setup

DreamSetup_Key Visual_20150903 (1)

Simply take a video (or photo) of your current workspace and computer and explain your dream setup. Hurry up and apply because the deadline is September 25, 2015

30 applicants will be selected for the semi-finals and given an LG 34uc87c 34″ UltraWide Monitor to make Dream Setup video with. Of those 30, three will be selected to build their $10,000 rigs and present the final product the help of one YouTube Inspirer: Linus Tech, Lewis from UnboxTherapy, and JahovaWitniss

The grand prize is really awesome but the semifinalist prize is pretty cool too.

LG Dream

This new LG 34uc87c 34″ UltraWide (available in December) sports 3440×1440 resolution which is almost 4K using a 2.39 aspect ratio. Capable of displaying over 99% of the sRGB colorspace, this monitor is a great choice for filmmakers and photographers looking for highly accurate color. The LG 34uc87c has plenty of real estate and built in 4 screen split allows from 2 to 4 windows to be shown in 8 different screen ratios without feeling cluttered. Now you can finally edit your film while watching our Twitter feed without having to switch between windows!

So what do you have to loose – hurry up and submit an application today!


Here’s a video from LinusTech with some tips for your submission video:

How the Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy went from Secretary to Studio Boss

Kathleen Kennedy has long worked in the shadows of moviemaking legends such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Now, as The Force Awakens readies for release, she is getting her star turn. It’s a tale perfect for Hollywood.

Kathleen Kennedy

The blond, dreadlocked German to my left is on the verge of tears. And perhaps a grand mal seizure. “Oh, mein Gott, oh, mein Gott,” he says, hyperventilating as he jumps up and down, his sandaled feet hitting the floor with a series of thuds. In his hands: a small camcorder, which he desperately tries to keep steady while catapulting himself into the air. The footage he’s capturing will surely be unwatchable, beyond the corrective capabilities of even the most advanced image-stabilization tools. But right now it doesn’t matter. My overly enthused neighbor, one of more than 60,000 frenzied fans who have traversed the globe to attend the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this past April, is about to have his mind blown.

This annual gathering of the sci-fi franchise’s most fervent followers is the first such event to coincide with a new episode of the space saga in a decade. (Unless you’ve been living on the remote, icy planet of Hoth, you probably know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due in theaters Dec. 18.) Celebrants, many of whom camped out in line the night before, file into the Anaheim Convention Center’s auditorium. Some are bearing lightsabers (the ones with the new, surprisingly controversial “crossguard” design) and wearing costumes—or at the very least T-shirts emblazoned with the iconic, bulbous-lettered Star Wars logo. Furry Ewoks, robed Jedis, and way too many dual-bunned Princess Leias to count take their seats. But they won’t stay seated for long. As composer John Williams’s overture, one of the most recognizable motifs in cinematic history, blasts from the sound system, everyone is on his feet. This year’s star-studded, opening day presentation will include appearances by Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and other members of the original cast (Harrison Ford, sadly, is still recovering from a recent plane crash), as well as emerging idols from the new film and its red-hot director, J.J. Abrams.

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