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  • Hei guys,

    i wanna show you our teaser for the 20min shortfilm called “TRIP”.
    we are german filmmakers and we are looking to finance our super low budget movie. project via

    when you like it share it.

    bigger budget bigger explosions!!!

    Very cool – nice post effects.

    My only criticism is the lighting of the interior cafe. You seem to be going for a old film stock – grindhouse sort of feel – the interiors would have needed some sort of lighting and the style at the time was very much hard single point lighting. The natural lighting of the cafe is just a bit outside the look you’re going for – realize that we’ve only very recently come to have cameras that are capable of seeing in a cafe environment – even 10-15 years ago, all interiors needed some lighting.

    Other than that – great teaser!!!

    Hei john,

    thank your for your answer and your site. you right with the lightning and the location. we had only one day of shooting and no money.
    in the next days we will have some great news to tell about the trip.

    keep on


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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