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    cool!!! jajaja

    Thanks Ro! was fun to act, my wife helped me with the camera. And then, many hours working on the computer, thanks!

    Hi Pablo!
    It’s really funny.
    Nice keys and looks.
    Good Luck!

    R2D2 thank you very much! the greenscreen was the first challenge (with some rotoscoping work), the second challenge was to film shots with my kids running around (I had to remove them in some shots), and then I had to spend many hours working for drawings , the animation, find the look that I wanted, and finally the sound effects. A lot of work but I really enjoyed.
    Good to know that you like it, thanks!

    Haha, dude…I just about lost it when you starting circling with the jump-rope — who comes up with something like that?!? LOL!!!
    And then the puppy behind you, lol! Kind reminded me of Scott Pilgrim a bit, with the avatars (or whatever you might call it). LOL.
    Good stuff; very entertaining. :)
    Also awesome that the wife jumped in to help…always fun when it’s a “family project”. ;)

    Ha ha thanks John! is good to know that you enjoy the video, if you’ve laughed out loud more than once is a good reward.
    Thanks for your time to comment!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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