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  • I am curious how everyone has been doing with Kickstarter. Especially related to short films. How are you generating followers and backers? I’m looking for new ideas we can all use to get the word out about your project and gain more support. My short “spaced” is below and it is currently live and looking for support. Please take one minute to share the project with your network. A like really goes a long way. Please tweet, post, heart, like, double tap, RT, pin, +1…

    Tweet this: Krista and Marlie are best friends and high school just got way too complicated. #spaced @mariaajudice

    “spaced___d” gets a HD transfer, sound mix and design, color grading, V/FX (teleportation from Earth to a spacecraft).

    Krista and Marlie are best friends. Tomorrow brings the excitement of high school. They discuss what to expect but also determine what to leave behind – childish ways, uncool attire, and maybe even their friendship. Their friendship just doesn’t seem to work in this new adult-like world.

    Campaign ends Jan 1, 2014

    First suggestion… Make a better trailer and KS video. The first, and only thing people will do when they go to your kickstarter is look at videos. If they aren’t impressed by the videos they will move on. We live in a world of short attention spans, if you don’t hook the audience within the first 20 seconds they will click to another site.

    Your short may be really great but you’re not emphasizing anything in your video, cinematography and story wise. If you spent 10 thousand on this movie it doesn’t show.

    Although who ever was your storyboard artist was very talented.

    Thanks Jake for the suggestions and the compliments. I was really asking how shorts are doing on Kickstarter. Are people finding shorts are ignored? Trying to get a barometer of short success on Kickstarter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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