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  • I really dug the color and grading on the band shots – those look awesome and have a great pop to them – good mix of shallow DOF too, really nice stuff. The black and white shots in my opinion didn’t match up in their polish… black and white from color tricky – especially if you’re shooting in flat lighting environments like bathrooms. Good black and white photography really needs to be meticulously lit to create separations and highlights. If you’re just desaturating – what ends up happening is you have these really high contrast images that don’t have much nuance or personality – they look closer to security cam footage than soulful or gritty black and white. This was something I learned while I was researching how the master cinematographers were working in the Film Noir period.

    First off, Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and give me some feedback! I have made random BS videos here and there (getting some knowledge of editing programs and techniques) This is my first official “Writer/Producer/Director” project. The Black & White in the original script was to be the only look for the video I came up with. but after seeing the band in the environment I shot them in I couldn’t resist. I did want the B/W to feel gritty. or as gritty I could make it… :) I honestly just jumped into the deep end of the pool without a floater and I was a year and a half old! May I ask you what you thought of the overall tone of the song mixed with the visuals of the B/W scenes? In my opinion I know I need to perfect my craft (including: Timing, Editing, *LIGHTING*…) Just know I wanted to tell a story of a young woman with a horrible addiction, and how it ultimately takes her life. . . . .
    Thank you again for the feedback! I hope to show you a video I make one day and you won’t be able to speak good or bad! With all respect—

    -Justin Pavlov

    I didn’t think you the tone of the black and white footage pushed hard enough. If you want grit, try more extreme angles, hard lights in low angles and add some grain to the footage. Get in close with your shots, make it HURT.

    You may get some ideas checking out The Big Combo

    Also why does she walk into a nice bar to take her life? Why not do it in an alleyway or next to dumpster. Location also plays a role in grit.

    And PS, you won’t be able to show me anything where I won’t be able to say anything good or bad. That’s not the point. The point is to connect and stir emotions in your audience expressing things you can’t do so with words.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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