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  • Every year my friends and I enter the 48 GFC. Last year, we did it twice (once with a separate, local competition). For those who don’t know what it is, you make a short film in 48 hours… but it’s all online. Last two times was a complete disastrous abomination to filmmakers everywhere. But we had fun making the piece of crap! This year, we lost a guy, but gained another one who’s not a jerk. He’s also pretty brilliant, so we have high hopes for this one. Just got done signing up. Now to find some gear for as cheap (or free) as possible… Any takers? ;)

    Is anyone else doing this or even heard of it? Check it out. It’s $48 to enter within the next hour. After that it gets raised to $75. Any 48 hour period from August 9-18 is available. So it’s quite flexible for your schedules. I’d encourage everyone to try it once!

    The weekend has arrived: Here’s a rundown of what we’ve got so far…

    First, we stayed up all night trying to think of an idea. We got “The Golden Ticket” so we could pick whatever genre we wanted… Which is terrible. We realized we had no excuse to make it bad because of the endless possibilities, we thought for hours and hours and finally came up with a post-apocalyptic love story type thing… So we wake up in the morning after two hours of sleep, and expect to do good. Then these two girls that were helping us joined us. They were insanely loud, annoying, and didn’t really want to do anything. We drive around for two hours looking for locations (something we should’ve already done) and we end up right behind my neighborhood. Well after getting not much done there, we decide to move on, settling for garbage. As we’re leaving the location, my friend drives his Camry right into a ditch, destroying his bumper. I hook it up to my Land Rover and pull it out. About this time, it started storming… Basically it was a monsoon. So I’m laying in the mud, trying to get his bumper reattached, while everyone is standing under one of my umbrellas. I give up on that, tie a rope around it all to keep it on temporarily. We get back to my house, then two of our actors say they have to leave… So we take them home, and we go to a coffee shop. With only a few hours left of daylight, we realize there is no way we’d be able to finish in time. We scrap the idea and consider giving up. But I refuse. I’ve put too much energy in already! Realizing we can’t come up with a story, script, film, edit, and upload in the time we have left (20 hours), I grab my camera and start asking people in the street to say a single word… “Shia Labeouf”. Don’t ask why, because I don’t know. I figure if we can’t make anything good, we might as well confuse them! So we decide to make an obscure art film centered around Shia Labeouf and consumerism. We’ve since scrapped that idea, and are going to film something even stranger in the morning. This day has sucked, this competition sucks. Lesson learned. I’ve thrown in the towel on the 48 hour stunt. I’m done.

    Not to rub salt in your wound – but it’s a case of “Failure to plan” – Planning is so essential even in these 48 hour stunts even though that sounds counter intuitive.

    Well that’s all I’ll say – I’m sure you’ll have more insights later.

    But what you need to do is make some short which is planned out ahead of time. You need to develop some body of work that is not predicated on 48 hours. You are young and your luxury is time. Make use of your time while you have it because once you have expectations thrust upon you, that luxury is no more.

    We are currently planning that John, finally I was able to talk some sense into them!

    As for a final result, we made a film about corn. No one will ever see it.

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