The Evolution of Digital Non Linear Editing


Follow the story of Non Linear editing as we trace the roots going all the way back to the dawn of television. See how kinescopes gave way to magnetic tape which changed the way news and entertainment was delivered into our homes. Follow the rise computers in post production, first as controllers of tape decks for linear editing then to modern day computerized file based editing. We’ll cover the digital revolution and the many technologies that ultimately brought film and digital video to the point where they’re practically interchangeable and totally ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Course Materials

Film: The English Patient Film: Pleasantville  Film: O Brother Where Art Thou


The Evolution of Modern Non-Linear Editing: Part 1 – From Tape To Digital

The Evolution of Modern Non-Linear Editing: Part 2 – the Digital Revolution

Film Screening: “Pleasantville”

Film Screening: The English Patient

Film Screening: “O Brother Where Art Thou?”


The Evolution of Modern Non Linear Editing – FINAL EXAM