WORDS – a Short Film by the WGA on the Importance of Writing

This short film, released by the Writers Guild Foundation in 1987, honors the craft of screenwriting and the writers behind our favorite lines and cinematic moments. Written and directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Chuck Workman, it was screened at film festivals and college campuses around the country to inspire writers and celebrate the importance Read MoreRead More

How They Write A Script: Paddy Chayefsky

Noted playwright, screenwriter, and probably the most famous television writer during its so-called golden age of live TV, Paddy Chayefsky is one of the most revered contemporary American writers. Here are some interview excerpts taken from the book “The Craft of the Screenwriter.” ON THE THREE-ACT STRUCTURE “The three-act structure is the form that I grew up in the Read MoreRead More

Working Writers Answer Some of the Common Screeenwriting Questions from Twitter

Nick Hornby (An Education, Brooklyn), Beau Willimon (House of Cards), Nancy Meyers (Somethings’s Gotta Give, The Intern), Andrew Bovell (Strictly Ballroom, A Most Wanted Man), Jimmy McGovern (Accused, Banished) answer questions from the Twitterverse about Screenwriting.  Read More

One-on-One with “Brokeback Mountain” Screenwriter Diana Ossana

Screencraft sits down with Diana Ossana about getting started, the experience of writing Brokeback Mountain, and some advice for new writers. ScreenCraft: When did your storytelling roots begin? Diana Ossana: I supposed my storytelling roots, such as they are, began with reading. I have been a voracious reader since childhood. I started reading the newspaper when I was seven Read MoreRead More

7 Ways to Master the Art of the Script Rewrite

Rewriting is a skill,  Ken Miyamoto offers 7 tips to develop your rewriting talents. 1. Preparation  This starts before you write one single word in your first draft. Preparation is key. You need know your concept, story, characters, themes, and tone before you begin typing. This is called development. How do you accomplish this? Do your homework. Read MoreRead More

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